How To Make Girls Notice You| 7 Effective Tricks

Sometimes Individuals stare at a beautiful woman confidentially, thinking, “Wow, how much beautiful, she is!” Meanwhile, Individuals know that It’s not only happened with men, but It also happened with women. They will also react the same when they find someone appealing, and You will know the characteristic, and tricks right there, that makes It happen, and how you can make girls notice you, and Wherever you go, girls will hook their eyes on you. 

There are 7 Tricks to make girls notice you.

Make Girls Notice You,

Style Better (Standout)

Emphasizing your style can help you a lot, and If you want to make girls notice you, then You have to style as that you stand out from others. There is not any hard scoping to nail, but You have to learn about style a lot, and you have to do experiments regarding your styling skills. 

You have to look better, then average guys, and for transitioning that, You have to consider about your outfits, and You need to assess small details in your styles such as the colours of your garments, accessories (are generous to standout), grooming and fitness.

Big Shoulders, Forearm and narrow waist

Individuals for appealing astounding. You don’t need a pinnacle body fitness, having a medium fitness with these focal points can elevate your appearance. If you have these 3 Focal points in your body shape, then you can conveniently appear muscular.

Big Shoulders, It plays a crucial role in making your body appear muscular by providing your body with broad shoulders appeal.

Big Forearm, Research shows that woman finds men appealing who have big forearm because as we men find women attractive who have an appealing figure, they also do it with an identical intention.

Lean waist It is feasible to nail that no girl will notice you, If you have a big belly so, work hard to reduce that fat on your stomach, and It is also appropriate for your health.

Eye Tricks

Eye Tricks are subtle and work skilfully. If you want that girls notice you, then this skill is must to have. You can practice these eye tricks to make any girls fall for you, and It can also make talking with her equitably easy for you and her.

Locking 2-3 sec eyes: Can you see someone first time and she looks at you, and you look at her and her eyes and your eyes locked into each other for more than usual. Sometimes, It happens automatically, but Now, For creating this bond. 

You have to look at a person (for 1 sec), then repeat it twice. When You look at her, she will look at you as human nature, then make sure you are not looking at her, she is the first looking at you then You look at her with a subtle smile. Lock your eyes into her eyes for 2-3 sec and repeat locking eyes for 2-3 times if necessary, and If she stays her eyes with yours, then go and talk with her.

There are other eye tricks that you will automatically develop when you become proficient in the above eye trick by experience. 


Positivity is a thing that we all want in our life, and that attracts others to you (If you are positive) because they want to be positive. If in any case, you are not positive, then You have to consider to become positive, and If you versatile it. It will dramatically improve your life, and For executing, You have to accomplish these things in daily life to admire yourself and become positive.

  • Revise Positive affirmations every morning.
  • Consider Better sides of bad situations.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Live with positive people.

Better Hairstyle.

Having an astounding hairstyle emphasizes your appearance. You can enhance your appeal conveniently without doing lots of work with a perfect or subtle hairstyle for yourself. However finding an appropriate hairstyle will take meticulous efforts, but for making it feasible and adorable, you have to follow some consideration. You can follow the below steps to find a subtle hairstyle for yourself.

  1. Consider Hairstyle according to your face shape.
  2. Try something simple and adorable.
  3. In the beginning, experiment 2-3 hairstyle.

  Have Some Girls As Friends.

Having Girls as a friend is so much beneficial and can help you a lot in your life. It can help you in having a better relationship because if you have a girl as a friend, then you can get appropriate advice from her. After all, she is a girl, and girls understand girls much better instead If you ask about the relationship from guys, then why you do it, don’t try it alone because It can be dangerous. 

You can improve your social skills, and reduce your shyness by having a girl as a friend, and other girls will find it convenient to talk with you because you already have a girl as a friend.

Talk With Her

Meanwhile, Above tricks will help you to make girls notice you, then If you want to elevate the state of it, You can consider talking with her. Seamlessly, If everything goes well at this point, and you learned to make her notice you, then the next step would be talking with her, or otherwise, you are just wasting your, and her time. If you are going to start a conversation with her, feel relaxed and feasible, start with a genuine question or sentence, then ask open-minded questions related to her and this will leads to an appropriate and engaging discussion.