How To Make Someone Miss You | 8 Ridiculous Things

When we hear that someone is missing us, we feel crucial, and It makes the relationship between that person and our more relevant and worthy. However, most of us want someone to miss us so that we can also feel the bond between two beautiful relationships, the way it becomes stronger and stronger and more consistent towards a worthy relationship. In this article, You are going to learn about, “How To Make Someone Miss You” so, that you can also make your relationship deeper and better than ever. You can use the knowledge from this article on anyone you want. It would be your life partner, Girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, office person or anyone.

There are 8 Tricks to make someone miss you.

Make Someone Miss You,

Become Less Available.

If you stand in front of someone every time or If you are with he/she for every day, then there is no reason for that person to miss you because If someone goes away from us, then we intend to desire him/her, but If he/she doesn’t go away from our site, then there is a no chance to miss him/her. Meanwhile, If you want to make someone miss you, then you have to stay away from he/she for at least a few times in a day or 1-2 days in 4-5 days so that they can think about you and realize to miss you.

However, You have to make a balance that you didn’t stay away from that person for a while or for multiple times, that he/she think you left them behind or you do not care about them. When you are staying away from that person judiciously, then You can work on some projects that you want, or You can work on your goals so, that he/she thinks about you as a responsible person.  

Take Your Time.

If you want someone to miss you, then You have to show that person that he/she is not everything for you. Meanwhile, You can do it by taking your time, stay alone for some time, spend time with your other friends, and When You get any text message from that person wait for 10-15mins before reply. These things will appeal to that person that you are happy when you are alone as well, but didn’t overdo these things as they can ruin your relationship. You have to find a balance between doing these things. Otherwise, that person will think that you are no longer interest in him/her. 

Have Goals.

Having goals is crucial for better living, but It also makes you an important person who people want to miss. If you desire that someone misses you, and You had a purpose in your life that you want to nail then the person you are with, will consider you as a crucial person who has a necessary thing of his/her own to accomplish in his/her life. Meanwhile, This is going to become an attraction for that person to miss you and probably that person will going to admire or motivated by you. However, You have to give your time to that person also, instead, of staying on your goals all time.

Send Pictures.

If you are in a relationship with someone, and You want that he/she misses you, then You can look forward to sending some of your pictures (Send Happy, Simple & Clear Photos) to that person so that when you didn’t be around that person, then he/she can see your picture and miss you. You can also consider creating your social media account with simple, happy & high-resolution photos in which you look better, and clearly, anyone can see you. So, whenever he/she wants to look at you, then He/she can open your social media. 

You can read article on, “how to Look better in every picture,” this article will be going to become so much helpful for you, In this article, you find some of best technique used by professionals.

Become Mysterious.

It is like movies, as we are watching mystery movies our mind intends to explore it more and more at the end. Identical also happens with humans, If you are a mysterious individual, then other people will show some curiosity in exploring you, and that is what makes them miss you. If you want someone to miss you, then you have to make some mysteries about yourself that he/she wants to explore, and You can do it by telling he/she little-bit about your life experiences or something about your past, but You didn’t have to tell everything. You can tell a few things and a few some other day and then a few things some other day to make a mystery in reality. 

Give Surprises & Important Things.

Most of the individuals like surprises, but what people like more than surprises is the movement in which he/she gave surprises because as surprises meant to surprise us, that’s why that whole movement store in our mind and becomes much hard to forget. Meanwhile, we called these things our memories, and We recognize these for years without any difficulty. 

Furthermore, If you want to make someone miss you, then You consider giving some surprises to that person, and this process will make he/she to always think about you, “as what next you will do or what next surprise you will give to him/her.” However, You can also consider giving that person something meaningful that you have for quite along, such as ring, neckless, or something you carry with you, and by doing this, whenever that person will see that thing you gave to him/her, He/She will miss you.


Fragrances are astonishing to make someone miss you. You can use fragrances for your benefits. However, You have to consider finding a particular scent for yourself that is going to suit your personality, and You have to wear that scent for every day. Aftermost usually people will start remembering you by your fragrance so, whenever they will smell that scent, they will start missing you.

Learn To Love Yourself.

If you want that someone misses you, then first you have to learn to love yourself, because If you didn’t like yourself then why someone else would like you. If you have learned to love yourself, staying happy within yourself, then other people will miss you. However, If you didn’t like something about yourself, then consider improving it, if you are bad at something, then consider practising hard to becoming a better version of yourself.

If you are from individuals, those didn’t love themselves, then improve yourself so that you can like yourself and You will notice that someone around you starts loving you or you starts becoming more attractive.