How To Not Be Nervous Around Women | 6 Worst Mistakes.

It is a problem with many individuals. They felt nervous when talking to a woman. There are few common mistakes that make these individuals nervous while talking to beautiful women. This is problem is completely because of these individuals’ psychological perspective and inexperience. In this article, we are going to explore the topic, How to not be Nervous Around Women? These mistakes have related to your psychological thinking. If you fix, you will not feel nervous around any woman no matter how beautiful she is.

There 6 Ways to Not Be Nervous Around Women.

Not Be Nervous Around Women

No One is Perfect.

People feel nervous when they talk with someone because they think about their counter party as something special. They think about themselves lower than their counterpart in some aspects, which makes them nervous because their brain constantly thinks that what if they messed-up. However, no one is perfect, everyone is bad at something.

If she is so beautiful, it doesn’t mean that is special or perfect. She would be no good at something in which you are perfect. However, Most of the girls are good at communication but it doesn’t that they didn’t feel nervous. If you are nervous, then it doesn’t mean that she is not. All women and men have their insecurities. You need to clear this in your mind.

Do you like her?

Most of the individuals become nervous about a reason. If you saw a beautiful woman, and you are going to talk with her instead of feeling nervous, ask from yourself, do you like her or not. If you don’t like her, then there is no need to be nervous. Imagine You messed up, then it doesn’t matter because you don’t like her.

Meanwhile, for a woman whom you like, you don’t need to think about messing up because you can’t mess up. How could you mess just be yourself and ask a simple question. You don’t need to do some short of acting or something. Don’t think if she will like you or not, think you like her or not.


When you are nervous and you overthink, then there is not a chance you will become able to say anything. It becomes so hard for your brain to even clam down because it is processing information and thoughts faster than super computer. However, don’t overthink this is the worst thing you can do in these kinds of situations. You just have to calm yourself and ask an open-ended, simple question. You need to ask only one question and the conversation will take its own root from there.

Stop Trying To Impress her.

Individuals who try to impress become more nervous as it leads to overthinking. In order to impress women, they try to look like someone who they are not. First, it put pressure on their brain and makes them more nervous. Second, they try to be someone else, so it’s hard to be someone else instead of who you are. If you make it by acting, then she doesn’t like you.

She likes someone you are acting to be. Now, things are becoming too complicated. Be yourself, as you are, don’t act to be cool or someone else. Being yourself is easy, and it doesn’t put pressure on your brain. You will feel more confident. It will become hard for you to be nervous when you are who you are.

Rejection is Normal.

People are nervous because they are afraid of being tried. However, rejections are normal. Nobody in world stands out without a failure, and many handsome dudes have got rejected in their life as well. Many individuals who have beautiful girlfriends have got rejected from someone in their past, and it is what makes them experienced.

Every successful individual in their life has got rejected or failed at some point. Because until don’t get rejected or failed, you know the reason or learning or experience behind why got rejected or failed. This what makes them successful at something but not individual who have tried yet.

Do uncomfortable things.

The best thing is that if you saw someone beautiful woman, and she shows interest, then start a conversation with her, the more you will do, the better you will become. Make female friends as well. Don’t be afraid when you will think about making friend instead of starting a relationship. It will become easier for you to talk with women. This way, your nervousness will vanish before you know it. Talk more with people or strangers who you don’t know.

However, try to expand your comfort zone, try to do things makes you nervous or you are afraid of doing. Don’t do things that are bad or which can harm someone, but things in which you are uncomfortable. If you are socially afraid, take part in competitions or plays. You can also take risks in your work area it also going to expand your comfort zone.

For instance, starting a new business, or testing your ideas in practical. These all practices are going to help you in expanding your comfort zone and your nervousness will disappear easily. However, you will have so many significant memories & experiences. You will become someone you can like even more.