How To Properly Style Your Hairs | THE BEST 3 STEPs GUIDE

On the internet, You can find everyone saying having better hairs, and better hairstyle is necessary to look attractive. Meanwhile, there are only a few articles or videos available on the internet to teach about how to properly style your hairs so that you can nail your favourite hairstyle appropriately and appeal attractive. However, In this article, I am going to introduce you with a perfect way of, “how you can properly style your hairs,” and achieve your desired hairstyle like a professional and without damaging your hairs. In every step, You will be going to learn some tips about making your hairs healthy and also a step by step process to nail perfect hairstyle. 

There are following steps for properly style your hairs.

Properly Style Your Hairs,


Cleaning our hairs is a crucial part of styling, but there is a proper way to clean our hairs so that we do not overdo it and damages our hair. When we have to clean our hairs in our mind instantly, shampoo came, and most of us wash our hairs daily with shampoo that can be a reason for poor hair health and hair loss. The shampoo is a clear detergent for our hair although there are gentle shampoos available (those are little-harmful,) however they also cause damage at some point. 

Meanwhile, You have to use shampoo twice in a week, and in the replacement of shampoo for every day, you can use a conditioner that is going fill your hairs with nutrients & minerals and also going clean your hair.

First of all, wash your hairs with conditioner or shampoo(if necessary.)

Drying Your Hairs.

Drying our hairs is a tricky part because when our hairs are wet, then they are weaker than usual and unnecessary pressure on our hair can be harmful to them. There is a simple process that is appropriate for drying your hair without damaging them. As you complete cleaning your hair, then you have to a squeeze some of the water from it gently with your hands then apply any oil such as argon, coconut or any health oil on your hair. Now, the next step would be blow-drying your hair, and as you applied oil, heat will not going to damage your hair. 

Furthermore, When you are blow-drying your hairs use a gentle & soft hairbrush with it and as you are blow-drying your hair use brush to straight your hairs and make them fully dry (not overdo it but dry your hair complete from every side). In this process decide to use your hairdryer from 4-6 inches away so, that you didn’t damage your scalp, and as you are straightening your hairs try to straighten them in the upper ward direction that will provide your hair with some volume.

When your hairs become fully dry and straight, Now, You have to style them with products so that, you can achieve your desired hairstyle.


Products are what holds your hairstyle for the whole day, and They will be going to help you a lot in shaping your desired hairstyle. If you want better hairstyle & better hairs, then you would require better products and The products you will need to achieve your desired hairstyle would be a textured clay, better oil, quality shampoo & conditioner, and hairbrush. These are minimal & essential products what you will need to get better hairs & hairstyle.

After drying and straightening your hairs now, You have to style them, and in this process, you will need a textured clay that is going to hold your hair as you want. Meanwhile, Pick some of the textured clay into your hands, and rub it so, it becomes smooth and Now, apply it into your hairs appropriately. However, If you need a lot of volume in your hair, then you can use volume powder, but It is optional.

By using all these processes, Your hairstyling will be going to become so much feasible and better, Aftermost If you want to hold your hairs hard for all day, then you can use hair spray, but It is also optional until you especially want to use it.