How to Set Goals in the Right Way | 3 Important Steps

I like to write articles which provide everyone with value and at the end it also makes me feel fulfilling with my work. Therefore, I consider writing this article, which is going to help so many guys in their life. Setting Goals and working on them is great. You can achieve whatever you want. You just need to have goals. However, this is not true in reality. You need a system to set those goals so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t quit it. Therefore, in this article, we are going to learn about how to set goals in the right way.

There are 3 Steps on How to Set Goals in the right way.

How to Set Goals in the Right Way

Forget Goals, Focus On Systems.

Setting Goals and seeing them every day will not take you there. You need a system which you will do to achieve that goals. If you are not putting actions from your side, then your goals will not come to you. You need to build a system now, how you are going to build a system. For instance, you want to build muscular looking body. Then you need to build a habit of doing exercise every day or join a gym and get trainer from which you can learn things about body building.

So, these are actions you need take, then building a system would be like following a training according to body building goal such as in a week if you are following PPL method of training Push workout on Mon, Pull workout on Tuesday, Leg workout on Wed and repeat it from Push to leg for other 3 days and on Sunday you have rest day.

This is a system which you can follow and achieve that muscular body goals. Now even you don’t think about your goals, which will decrease stress and anxiety. You focus on doing your everyday system, then you will achieve goals even without thinking about it. However, if you think about your goal and don’t have a system and don’t take action on that, then you can never achieve your goals, even you were thinking about it all the time.

How to think about goals.

Goal is a compass. As I tell people about what I have told you above, they think goals are pointless and they forget about them. However, if you don’t have goals, then you can find yourself in the wrong direction easily. You can reach somewhere you don’t even want to go.

If you forget about goals, then your system is pointless. Both things are necessary and you need to focus on both in order to achieve it. In order to achieve anything, you should have goals and systems as well. You don’t actually have to have complicated goals. You can have complicated and divide that into simple steps in order to make your life more relaxed and relief.

However, before starting anything, be honest about what actually you want. What are your goals in reality, things you love, and things you can achieve? It is very easy to create motivation to achieve your goals if you have a clear understanding about your goals and you are honest about what you want. Goals at the end provide you with focus and motivation to follow that systems.

Yin & Yang.

You need to measure your goals on based where you were and where you have achieved. Most of the people measure their goals based on what they are and what they want to become. This makes them unhappy or stress because they are always going to be behind from what they are and what they want to achieve. Yin & Yang is shows you should consider balance of self improvement and self acceptance. You can improve yourself by being happy as well. It is unnecessary to criticise yourself all time to achieve your goals. You can work on both accepting yourself and improving yourself.