How to use Serums and Toners | The Best Guide

There are a lot of complicated things in our skincare. When you are trying to elevate your skincare to advance level, then serums and toners comes first. They are unnecessary, but for taking your skincare game to its top, they are necessary. However, if you have certain skin problems such as acne or your skin texture is not good, then using these can heal that quickly and provide you with glowing and clear skin. In this article, you will know function of serums and toners and How to use them.

There are Steps To Use Serums and Toners.

Serums and Toners


Back in days, we knew toner as skin tonics, and they are actually tonics for our skin. They made it to smooth the nerves and take out fatigue out of the muscles. Now, there are a lot of toners for specific works such as exfoliating, hydrating and glowing. It gives your skin quick hydrations and makes it smooth and hydrating.

Toners shrinks large pores, takes away impurities & leftover dead skin cells, and it restores a PH balance of our skin. The PH scale ranges from 0 to 14 and 6,7,8 are neutral. Our skin is around 4 to 5 so, toners make it neutral by making it close to 7. This way our skin stay healthy and perform it work properly.

How To Use Toners.

You use cotton pads or your hands to apply toner. After you have cleansed your face, put little toner in your hands or on cotton pads and gently put on your face. Rub is circular motion or tap on your face. It will help with better absorption of other products you will put.


Serum are have different type of ingredients in it. For example, Vitamin-C serum, AHAs and hydraulic acid serum and more. Serums are necessary because they deliver active ingredients directly to dermis layer of your face. Because serums are so effective, there are different serums available for distinct problems or needs.

If you desire tighten and glowing skin, then you can go for vitamin-c serum and if you want to hydrate your skin more effectively, then you can go for AHAs and hydraulic acid. There are some problems for which you can use serums wrinkles, big pores, acne, dull, dead skin, and dry. Serums are important because these are lightweight, fast absorbing and sink deep into our skin.

How to apply or use serums?

The proper way to apply or use serums is to start after you are complete cleaning your face with cleanser (it’s required), and you have applied toner (If you use), then you can apply serum. You need to put a paltry amount of serum into your hands, then rub in a circular motion on your face start from check or forehead. Don’t use cotton pad as it can absorb serum. However, read labels behind to check how many times you actually need to use that serum.