How To Wear A Suit For Men’s | 6 Best Steps To Become Expert

Suit’s are essential for men and when you are ready for adding a suit in your wardrobe, then you can think you have grown up now. Suit’s are an important part of Gentlemen Men wardrobes. However, there are many rules and principals that you have to follow to achieve an emphasize appeal in suit. We have mentioned everything in crucial aspects of suit, such as mistakes, essentials and principles that you need to look elegant in a suit. We have divided whole into 3 parts those are (Principals, Mistakes & Essentials) so that it become workable for you to understand the concept.

There are 6 necessary things to wear a suit for men’s.

how to wear a suit for men
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Wear Tailored Quality Suit.

If you are a style enthusiast, then you have heard about the thought that fit is king. However, for suits, it doesn’t matter how much expensive your suit is, if that suit is not appropriate according to your size then it will not appeal better. Meanwhile, that’s why style experts suggest, buy better quality suits but with perfect tailoring according to your size. Foremost, don’t buy suits those have already made but If you are buying, then make every change to it according to your size in front of tailor so you get perfect fitting.

Second, If you are getting suit which your tailor will make according to your size, then you don’t have to worry, provide your right measurements and You will get your a size fitted suit.

There are key notes to check fitting of your suit.

To check whether your suit is right for your size, close your middle button of suit and put your hand in between your suit and If It feels tight, then your suit is too tight and if it feel lose, then your suit is to lose.

Wearing a tie.

When you are wearing a tie, wear a tie which thickness is equal or same as your suit lapels. However, Second thing you have to consider about is the right length of tie. Meanwhile, to determine it, if the end of the tie touches your pants strip or waist button when you are standing, then it is the right size and neither goes down from that part nor up. Aftermost, whenever you are wearing a tie you should consider a tie clip to hold it.



When novice people consider there suits, they make mistakes in buying non-versatile suits. Whenever you buying an expensive suit, then you have to get a versatile suit so that you can wear it as much as possible. The best versatile colors are navy, charcoal gray, and brown. If you are considering a suit, then these colors would be the best to consider if you want a suit which you can wear most. However, most versatile style of suit is single button suit with medium lapels size and peak or notch style whatever you prefer.

In my consideration, two vent suits are much better, but you can get single vent suits as well. If you don’t know what are lapels, vents, peak & notch, then lapels are the part which of a suit which connected with the collar. Peak and notch is the unique style of lapels. Vents are cutting or separate fabric behind your suit, which helps you in sitting comfortably.


There we have mentioned some mistakes that people usually make when they’re dressing up a suit. These mistakes ruin their style and make them look rookie so this doesn’t happen with you, that’s why we have this portion of the article.

White Socks.

Wearing White socks with suit makes you appeal childish and doesn’t appeal better with classiness of suit. Instead, wear dark color socks or sometimes no show socks for more casual appeal. If you are novice, then consider wearing plain socks by matching your trouser color. However, otherwise you can go with some patterns such as strips.

Wearing Short Sleeve.

I saw many people wearing short-sleeve shirt with suit which a huge mistake because in those you didn’t get a proper collar like long sleeve button-down shirts. However, you also miss the important detail or a part of the suit in which your shirt sleeve is little-bit longer than suit sleeves. Meanwhile, Long sleeve button-down shirt creates that important detail, which makes your suit look more elegant.

Cut Extra Threads & Stretches.

Some people didn’t know that whenever you buy a suit, you can get some stretches and threads on your suit. Meanwhile, these threads and stretching are for proper maintaining of your suit. However, before wearing your suit you have to cut these stretches, and you can found thread lock behind your suit in vents. You can also get threads joining your suit pockets, you also have to cut them. You can also find stretching on your suit shoulder remove those too.

If you are not sure how to remove those, then you should watch this video. Aftermost, When you buy a suit never iron it, wear it for 2-3 times without ironing and after washing it properly you can start ironing it. Otherwise, suit fabric adopts unnecessary shinning.