12 Hygiene Tips Every Man Should Know

There are so many hygiene tips for men today. Sometimes it even becomes overwhelming for some to choose the right approaches.
But we can all agree on one thing. Personal hygiene for men seems like something easy. But it is not. According to Gabriela Cora, MD, a psychiatrist from Miami, FL, many men ignore hygiene rules. It may sound untrue, but men do not take their health seriously, especially with hygiene routines. Dr. Cora adds that men hygiene is vital, not only for health reasons but to be successful in life as well.

Men are usually very sweaty. And this may make them smell, especially when they have gone through vigorous activity: nobody, more so ladies, like a smelly man. So men, learn the best hygiene tips; how to take care of your mouth, your hair, your body, your feet, and your private parts.

In this article, we have highlighted the 12 most critical hygiene tips for men. There could be more hygiene tips out there, but what to get here generalizes them all.  

The head area

Most guys don’t think about their head much when reading hygiene tips for men. But then, starting with your heard is the best way to work around your body. Consider the following:

Keep your hair neat

For most people, it is only ladies who should be concerned about their hair. Research, however, has shown that men, too, need to keep hair clean. Here are some hair hygiene tips to keep you ahead:

  • Wash your hair with natural products. Use natural shampoo and natural conditioners.
  • Do not wash your hair every day. The best part about men hygiene is that you don’t have to do most things every day. For that hair, cleaning every day weakens it. Two to three times a week is enough.
  • Visit your barber regularly.
  • Choose a style that compliments your face.

You face  

Are you the kind of person who just jumps out of bed every morning, gets into their t-shirts and jeans and jumps out of the house? Most guys are like this. It is time you changed and started thinking about your face.

In the hygiene tips for men, we recommend you wash your face twice a day. Wash it when you wake up and do so when you go to sleep. Keep your face clean at all times. Remember, the face is most exposed to all the bad weather and dirt of the day. Keep in a part of your hygiene tips and routine. Lastly, remember to shave your beard daily or keep it neat.

Your mouth

The mouth is one of the most important areas of men hygiene. To many, it is all about brushing their teeth. There is so much to it, as you will realize.

When brushing, making sure every part of your mouth is cleaned. Many guys forget to brush their tongues, which is the dirtiest spot.

Remember to brush and floss. Everyone values flossing, but you may not have realized how vital it is to men. In 2013, a Journal in the Sexual Medicine reported that men between ages 30 and 40 with chronic periodontitis were more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Flossing helps prevent periodontitis and periodontal diseases.

The body

Most hygiene tips for men focus on the body. In this area, we are going to look at three vital areas, showering, grooming, and fitness.


There are different hygiene tips about showering for men. Some say that it is not necessary to shower every day. They argue that water scrubs off the essential body fats.
However, for best men hygiene and health, you need to understand your own body. If you have oily and sweaty skin, showering every day might be mandatory. But for those with dry skin, you can shower every other day.


men haircare

Among the most vital men hygiene practices is grooming. Every man wants to look good. Therefore, make it your business to wear beautiful cloth and appear smart at all times.
Wear some cologne. But be careful as some hygiene tips for men could lead you into making wrong choices. Some of the chemicals in certain colognes may not work very well with your body. Therefore, try identifying those that work best for you.


For man, the way you appear physically can bring out the best first impression for you. Even without wearing fancy cloth, one looks at you can tell whether you are a clean person or not.

Hygiene tips for a good life are quite simple. First, choose the right kinds of foods. Did you know some foods can make your body smell nice and others that can make you sting? Then drink lots of water to keep your body moist at all times.

Take time to participate in physical exercise. Good hygiene is critical for good health and vice versa. Walking or running for a few miles every day can get rid of extra fats under your skin, making you clean.  

The feet

How many hygiene tips for men have you read that emphasizes the importance of taking care of your feet? Perhaps none. But as you will realize, the feet are part of your body. You need to start thinking about it more seriously. Consider the following:

Clip those nails

Neat and well-groomed nails are high on the list of things that attract a potential mate. Just in the same way women take care of their nails, men too should make it their business to keep their nails short and clean.

You don’t need long toenails. They are quite embarrassing, especially under the sheets. They can tear up your sheets, and they are a significant cause of smelly fit.
Remember to trim the flaps of skin beside your nails as well. Once done, try using hand lotion to keep them moist and soft.

Wash your socks

Dirty socks are very embarrassing. They hold all the sweat from your feet and convert into a bad odor. We have the best hygiene tips for your feet; wash your socks.

Choose your socks carefully too. Some materials may create too much heat between and under your toes. Ensure they are breathable and sweat absorbent.
Avoid repeating socks without washing them first. When your socks wash, hung them under the sun to dry completely. Do not wear wet socks with closed shoes.

Wash your feet

Feet washing is critical in men hygiene. You may not take a full bath every day but ensure your feet are cleaned daily.

Feet collect dirt when you wear open shoes in the market. Under closed shoes, too much sweat makes them vulnerable to foot problems. You need clean and fresh skin under and beneath your toes. Therefore, take time to wash the feet.

Wash them in the morning before leaving for work, and in the evening before going to bed. Apart from keeping them clean, feet washing, especially with warm water, allow proper blood circulation in your legs.

Sexual hygiene

Sexual hygiene is quite sensitive for men but crucial. That is why we must include these hygiene tips for men. Here are three essential things to note when taking care of down there;

Pubic hair

Over the past few years, general body hair has become a battleground in hygiene tips. Pubic hair is mostly the most significant concern. In the past, people just accepted how hair naturally grew on their genitals.

Today, it is a debate on how to trim, clean, or handle. Note that pubic hair has its purpose. It is believed it keep the stuff clean and warm.

Generally, keep the hair short. Long hair can make you uncomfortable down there. It also takes too much sweat, which is unhealthy. Keep cleaning simple, without too many chemicals.

Keep your undies clean

Not every guy will think this men hygiene suggestion is right. Many do not change their underwear often enough as it should be. It is high time you started thinking about it more.
Choose your underwear carefully. Instead of wearing them too tight, try keeping them loose. Sounds awkward, right? Well, health experts think your little boys down their need enough breathing space.

Talk to your doctor

There are some men hygiene issues that only a physician can advise on. Do not be shy and hide anything. Trust your doctor and tell them everything you are going through.
For those who are sexually active, some sexual activities may cause scratches, and even bleeding to your genitals. Avoid sexual activities in such conditions, or use a condom. But most importantly, seek medical expertise.


With all hygiene tips for men out there, be careful not to follow any blindly. Note that what works for one might not work for another. This is why getting it right with men hygiene practices depends on the individual’s understanding of their bodies. Though the hygiene tips shared above are all good, you may need to adjust one or two to fit your needs. Otherwise, it should not be hard to start taking better of your body now.