6 Incredible Sunglasses Styles for men 2020 | FACE SHAPE

Sunglasses are a piece of art in men fashion. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can elevate your style. Sunglasses have the power to subtle your appearance and make your appeal attractive, even if you are not. Many celebrities wear sunglasses as their signature style. 

How you can pick an appropriate sunglasses styles for men, that flatter with your appearance.

Nailing a right pair of sunglasses is crucial to elevate your style. You have to nail sunglasses by considering your face shape. I mentioned below which sunglasses style look absolute with which face-shape. 



Lot’s of sunglasses appeal subtly on this faceshape, but In Oval face shape, you have to evade angular sunglasses as it makes an oval face look more longer. Other shades especially Wayfarer, the Nineties and Aviators will become ideal for this face shape.


Round face shape has soft edges and circular appeal, so, for enhancing round face shape features, you have to consider angular and dark colour shades further. In round face shape, you have to prefer small sunglasses, don’t go for big or massive ones. Tortoiseshell, Wayfarer and Square sunglasses flatter with the round face shape.


Square face shape is more structured with an angular jawline and as same length forehead. Darker shades with Matelic structure frame is flatter on this face shape. Softer edges or circular shape sunglasses emphasized square face shape but didn’t consider square or angular shape shades as it can ruin your appearance.


In Oblong face-shape, the length of the face is almost twice as width. So, you have to consider shades that visually appeal your face shorter in length. Shorter shades with mirror lens will flatter with this face shape. Aviators, Wayfarer, Vintage and Nineties styles will become ideal for this face shape.

Incredible Sunglasses Styles For Men.

Sunglasses Styles For Men
Sunglasses Styles For Men

Clear Frames.

Clear frames are most versatile for a casual look, and even you can style it with suits. Clear frames are like clean white leather sneakers. It can instantly adapt your appearance no matter what outfit you wear, most of the brands launched these frames in the nineties style, which helps in emphasizing your appeal classicly. 

You can get clear frames in every manner, but adapt one according to your face shape such as, for oval face, aviator or nineties-style clear frames will appear subtle.

Aviator Sunglasses. 

Before becoming a hit, Aviator lenses first made by two pilots Bausch & Lomb in 1936 to protect their eyes while flying. Its lenses are almost double-triple from the size of eyes, and it has a thin metallic frame. Its lenses are convex instead of flat. 

Aviator sunglasses are astounding with suits, But you can also nail it with casual or badass appeal judiciously. It works with all face shapes despite oblong as it has large lenses. Nowadays, Aviator sunglasses look absolute with coloured or mirror lenses, and golden frame instead of black ordinary.

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric shades are hanging in trends, these shades especially made for face shape which appeals circular such as Round, Oval and Oblong. If you have round or oval face shapes, these could be must in your wardrobe. These shades have an angular design that emphasizes these face shapes. 

In Geometric shades consider lean frame, and If you have a round face then dark colours can be your preference, and If you have other(Oval, Oblong) then consider coloured lenses. 

Circular Sunglasses

Round shades have become a trend. These shades have a classic vintage look that admires everyone around you and elevates your appearance. These shades are effortless to style, and even novice can seem subtle in it. These shades are astounding for most of face-shape expect round because of its circular shape. As these shades have a vintage appearance, It can adapt any outfit you wear, and add a classic glance to it.

Coloured Sunglasses

Coloured Sunglasses have made for passing out boundaries of your style, so, that you can obtain an effortless look. These shades would not enhance much versatility, but you can style it with t-shirts or shorts, or if you want to create a colour combination in your outfit. You can get these shades in most frames. Coloured lenses have lots of benefits regarding eyes also. 

Top Bar Shades

Top Bar shades also perceived as a brow bar. Top bar first used in aviator shades, as aviator shades have a thin frame so, for supporting its frame and aligned its structure, but These shades become a trend as a bolder version of aviator and made their independent category. 

Nowadays, You can find the top bar shades in almost every style you want. Having top Bar shades in your wardrobe is a pretty good considering.