How To Make Proper Eye Contact With Others | 7 Alive Tactics

Recently, I have published an article on the topic of “How to improve your communication skills,” and after it. I felt like something is missing and I am acknowledging something, As when I am writing a draft of my article. I have a goal on my mind that my reader’s problems get solved after reading my articles, and The process should be feasible. However, that is what leads us to this article, “How to make proper eye contact with others.” It is so much crucial to learn to make Proper eye contact with others, and This article & the other article on improving communication skills would compose a course on communication skills in itself to master it.

There are 7 Techniques to Make Proper Eye Contact.

Make Proper Eye Contact With Others,
Make Proper Eye Contact With Others.

Power Gazing.

Mostly strong personalities do power gazing. It shows that you are a confident person and not a novice when you talk with anyone. There are things you have to follow to do power gazing appropriately, and I will also tell where You can use this. For performing it, You have to make straight eye contact with a person you are talking for 5-7 sec, and then You have to take a break for 2-3 sec, In between break, You can look at little at the side or down of that person to appeal natural, and This all process should be done in a relaxed way. I will explain how to stay calm when you are making eye contact.

If you find looking straight into the eyes of another person hard, then try to look between eyes. You can use power gazing anywhere you want, but according to the situation such as in a sad condition your face should appeal sad, or in happy, it should appeal happy. 

Group Eye Contact.

Meanwhile, When you have to make appropriate eye contact in the group, then everything stays identical as I teach you in power gazing paragraph expect the time of making eye contact and taking a break will going to change. Instead of 5-7 sec eye contact, You will make 3-4 sec eye contact, and instead of taking breaks you will shift to next individual and make eye contact for the same time, and shift to other and repeat this process and cover every individual. However, Consider didn’t look complete at your back, If someone is behind you for every time. This process will help you to provide the right amount of eye contact with everyone that will make them trust in you.

Movements Of Head.

I saw individuals who tend to move their heads a lot in between conversation or making eye contact that makes them appeal shy, nervous or novice, and In front person, feels irritating or didn’t focus on them. However, In consequences, You have to stay conscious during a conversation or make eye contact process and Focus that you didn’t move your head a lot. Meanwhile, If you do it little-bit then don’t worry, but If you become nervous and You move it a lot, then You have to tweak it. It will also ensure that you will appeal relaxed in between conversation that is a huge benefit.


Relax is a term that you should be in every time no matter what you are doing eye contacting or negotiating. In every possible situation, you should be relaxing and calm. When you are doing eye contact, and You want to relax, then You can consider taking deep breaths and opening your eye medium not large or not little, you have to open your eye medium like usual such as you commonly do.

Furthermore, You have to become effortless from your body movements, try to feel simple such as you are talking with your 10 Years old friend but didn’t forget formality, from your words you should appeal-like balance of formal & casual.


I have mentioned breaks in being of the article that It is so much important. It is crucial to appeal natural and relaxed. It is necessary to show others that you are not overdoing things, and you are not a novice. You have to master the breaks to make appropriate eye contact with others feasibly, and You can master it by practising, the more you will practise, the better you will become in making breaks and appealing natural.

Body Language.

Body Language is an enormous part of a conversation, and You can use it for your advantages and for appealing more effective in your talking. In body language, You have to consider about only 2 Things to reduce nervousness & shyness and appear like a professional. 

You have to use hand gestures between your conversation, and It will make others focus on what you are talking about, and also help others in understanding what you are talking. Seamlessly, the second thing is smiling. You have to maintain a subtle smile on your face when you are talking so, that people find it feasible to start a conversation with you.  

 Practising In Front of Mirror or Phone.

Aftermost, If you want to boost the process of learning to make proper eye contact, then You can practise it at your home in front of the mirror or on a phone camera, and You didn’t need any actual human to practice it. As you will practice it on a mirror or phone camera that will help in seeing how you are doing, and you can practically spot your mistakes by seeing yourself. After You become perfect in practising on a mirror or phone camera, You can test your skills on people, and You can estimate how much you have learned in real life.