How to Match shoe colour with outfit 2021 | Step by Step

Shoes are a crucial part of men’s outfits. Shoes have the power to break your outfit or elevate your outfit. Wearing appropriate shoes are essential, but for nailing your outfit, even more, choosing perfect shade plays a definite role.

If you learn the trick of nailing suitable shades related to your outfits, then you can subtly emphasize your style, and start appealing, even better.

match shoe colour with outfit, shoe colour combination
match shoe colour with outfit

Brief introduction of what you are going to learn, and How to Match Shoe Colour With Outfit.

In this article, I am going to introduce you with essentials and versatile colours of shoes that at least most of the men have and should have. I am also going to teach you how to wear or what to wear with those colours of shoes.

What shoes are appropriate for what outfits styles.

Oxfords are the most classic shoes for men, and It is appropriate for formal Occasions.

Chelsea boots are appropriate for casual, formal, and badass looks judiciously, but boots have considered as informal. They didn’t prescribe in formal attire.

Sports shoes, these are considered as running and gym shoes and should be worn for those works only. 

Sneakers, Almost Everyman have these, and they are suitable for casual looks, but they do work for the gym and some athletic purpose judiciously. Leather sneakers also help in badass looks by some assessing.

Now, by combining the upper guide with the shoe shades guide below, you can achieve a pinnacle of your appearance. 


Black is an elegant colour, and black shoes are even more astounding. Black oxfords are the finest for formal and dressy appeal. Black is a darker colour, so it is versatile. Classic black shoes are must-have in your wardrobe. It could be an oxford, debris, or Budapester. Black shoes are your go-to shoes for black suits, but It will also appeal smart with other colours because of versatility. 

Black shoes are going to appeal well with darker variations of colours (navy blue, charcoal, and also grey). If you are considering to style casual, then black Chelsea boots will work appropriately. 

Bonus tip: “Oxford, Monk Strap, Budapester and Lace-up will flatter with fitted trousers and suits instead of jeans.” 


White sneakers are the best smart casual sneakers that we can wear with casual garments and suits also. When it comes to styling with white sneakers, your errors demote because it’s arguably hard for a novice to go wrong with it.

First, launched by Common Project 15 years ago, a clean white leather sneaker that flatters with men outfits, by being so much clear without any logos and made with high-quality leather meticulously. It is utterly versatile, and You can wear it with any colour you want, It appeals subtle almost with any outfit, but You have to take some consideration when styling it with the suit. 

If you are going for a high-formal place like job-interview, wedding, then you should not consider this instead of it, go for oxford or classic black shoes to elevate your appearance.

Colourful Sneakers

People are nailing colourful sneakers everywhere, even in the office, to elevate their style. It is an easy way to grasps people attraction, but there are lots of ways to go wrong with these and ruin your style. Colourful sneakers are too casual, which makes them less versatile but unique.

When you are styling with colourful sneakers, you have to consider them as a bold piece of garment in your outfit, and for balancing it, You have to nail neutral colours for the rest of the garments in the dress. It helps in making the right colour contrast in the outfit

For Instance, If you are styling it with jeans (black, grey, dark blue, or washed colours are appropriate), or if you consider chinos, then (brown or navvy colour shades) helps you in adopting that neutral colours in your outfit.

Navvy Shoes

Blue shoes can be a challenge to take to elevate your style. Blue leather shoes are appropriate to add little casualty in your outfit. Meanwhile, shiny blue leather shoes embraced that thought of trying hard to appeal better, but blue suede shoes flatter with men style, and they are absolute in their work. For Instance, Blue suede monk strap would subtle with grey trousers. 

Blue leather shoes will appeal much astounding with suits (grey or charcoal) expect black suit. Blue suede shoes are going to work with any colour except black, but you can try if you want. Aftermost Blue suede shoes are more appropriate than blue leather shoes.


Brown is the most versatile colour for shoes. Brown shoes have little casualty into them. 

You can rock brown shoes anywhere, and they will pay off. The darker shade of brown shoes you have the formal it is, and vice-versa the lighter shade of brown shoes, you have the casual it is.

Finding a balance of shade of brown colour according to your needs will be a subtle consideration for elevating your style. 

To give you an idea, “If your daily activities require more formal attire, then a dark shade of brown is appropriate for you, but If you style casual outfits more then formal, you should consider a lighter shade of brown.” 

Dark brown shoes are suitable with dark jeans, grey or navvy trouser, and for complementing your style, You can try a white shade of trousers, jeans or chinos. Try not to match the identical colour of your shoes with your bottom piece of garment, or It can devote your style.