8 Medium-LENGTH Hairstyles For Men | Get Your NEW Favourite

Getting a perfect hairstyle every time is an art, and If you know best hairstyles that suits you & your face, then you are an artist because each time you went to your barber, you know what is best for you, and you made your barber clear about what you want and You got a perfect hairstyle aftermost. Meanwhile, This how much simple it is to get the best hairstyles, and we are going to follow this process to provide you with your best hairstyle. 

In this article, I have chosen 8 Medium-Length Hairstyles for men, these all hairstyles are astonishing, attractive, edgy, modern and stylish, further, these hairstyles suits marvellously with most of the face shapes, but we have mentioned that what hairstyles appeal spectacular with what face-shapes. 


You have to choose your hairstyle by your face shape, and we have mentioned appropriate face shapes for each hairstyle in its description, then You have to download the picture of the hairstyle that you want. Aftermost, You have to show that photo to your barber and made them clear about it, and then, You can get your favourite hairstyle, However, If you want you can tweak it according to your need, but be judicious about it.

There are 8 Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyle: 1

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

It is going to be an ideal hairstyle for most of you because fall is coming and This hairstyle is perfect for that. This hairstyle has a high volume Quiff on top and a judiciously trimmed medium fade on the sides. This hairstyle is appropriate for all of the face shapes despite oblong in which face length is the biggest. However, by cutting hairs little-bit short from the top, you can make it suitable for oblong face shape as well. Instead of high volume Quiff on top, trim a little by 2-3 inches of hairs, and It will not going to show your face longer.

Hairstyle: 2

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

Best & Simplest hairstyle. If you want to appeal more classic, simple, smart, and attractive, then this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle has meticulously done medium fade with the finger through long hairs on the top that provides effortless appeal. This hairstyle is perfect for office, business or formal kind of person. This hairstyle is also suitable for most of the face shapes expect Diamond & Square, but you can tweak it as It has medium fade on sides you need a low fade or slightly big hairs on sides. As your face already has edgy appeal because of face-shape, then you didn’t need short sides to add more structured in it.

Hairstyle: 3

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

It is an edgy and slick hairstyle. If you want to try something different a classic hairstyle go for this. It has volume combover on top that has divided into two parts first is combover on right-side, and the other is combover to backside that provides vintage appeal. It is defiantly an attractive, stylish, classic, formal and badass hairstyle. Further, It is appropriate for all of the face shapes. You didn’t need any tweak in it.

Hairstyle: 4

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

This hairstyle has wavy & textured appeal that makes it best hairstyle for effortless & badass look. Every face-shape will be going to look absolute with this hairstyle. However, because of the textured style in it, It can become more appropriate for falls. It has long top hairs and suitable sides hairs according to top. In this hairstyle, you need to use a product such as hair clay to get textured in your hairstyle.

Hairstyle: 5

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

Simplest hairstyle for you to get, this hairstyle probably appeals subtle with most faceshape expect diamond & heart. However, you are not able to tweak this hairstyle to get suitable with these 2 Face shapes. This hairstyle requires the least maintenance and provide you with attractive, stylish, and modern appeal. It has a medium or short top what you prefer, and high fade on the sides. Further, You need to get hair-cuts frequently to get perfect appeal always.

Hairstyle: 6

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

At this point, This is our most edgy & badass hairstyle. This hairstyle is best for people who want to appear more different & casual than others, and They want to try something new. Seamlessly, this hairstyle is not for people above 28 age because it has a vibe of street style that makes it unmatured for people above 25-28 age, but If your age is less than that and You want to attempt something different, then this hairstyle is for you.

Furthermore, This hairstyle is suitable for every faceshape, and This hairstyle has textured hairs on top and low skin fade with straight-line design in middle that is dividing Mid & low part of sides all the way to back.

Hairstyle: 7

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

This hairstyle is the best for people who want long hairs by staying into the medium hairstyle category. In this hairstyle, We have 7-8 inches long top hairs with Low fade. This hairstyle is towards modern, casual, and classic appeal. This hairstyle is also best for people who work in offices or above 28 age, but They want to attempt different hairstyle from others to stand out. Seamlessly, this hairstyle is not every face-shape. It doesn’t appeal suitable on Oblong face shape, and for Diamond & Square faceshape you need little-bit long hairs on sides.

Hairstyle: 8

Medium-Length Hairstyles For Men,

There we have our last hairstyle. This hairstyle has textured medium-length hairs on top that indicates messy and effortless appeal. This hairstyle is for careless individuals who want the easy look but having messy hairs for daily will going to be a little bit tricky with styling. Further, It has high fade on the sides. This hairstyle is not for square, oblong, and round faceshape. Every other face shape is absolute for this hairstyle expect above ones.