Men Fashion Rules For This 2022 | Don’t Miss This One.

Men Fashion rules, this is a topic on which I have written many articles, you can search on our blog to read them, but If I am doing it again, then you can consider that how much crucial it is for our style. However, in this article we have 8 Completely New Men Fashion Rules for this 2022 which are not only responsible for making us look at our best, but there are some rules which will bring some changes into your life for good and I really mean it.

Aftermost, with this brief intro, let’s dive deep into the straightforward content, short but valuable with on point structure, because everyone time matter.

There 8 Men Fashion Rules For This 2022

Men Fashion Rules For this 2022

Stop Looking Down.

I have seen so many individuals, just thinking they are not better, they look ugly; they are good not at studies; they are not good in sports and some of you are living in your solitude. We all have many imperfection and you can conquer every imperfection one by one. You can improve your style by learning about it, skin by eating health food & using right products and doing exercises.

You can become wealthy by learning about how money works, how to do investing, and by gaining valuable skills and starting your business, and become intelligent by reading books, attending courses and gaining your comfort zone.

There are tremendous possibilities so, just look up, and I know all most, all of you are working on something to improve your lifestyle and yourself. So, next time just have confidence and faith in yourself.

There is a bonus: Whatever you are trying to achieve: this video will going to help you make it bit efficient.

Disclaimer: It’s not any motivational stuff.


Let’s define it. Google says that meaning of standards is (a level of quality) at least in the first line. However, why we should raise our standards in first place? Because by raising your standards, you will gain more confident, power and in reality, people will start treating you with more respect & attention. It’s on your hands to raise your standards.

However, raising standards for a common individual would be an upgrade in his real life. It’s like you’re getting promoted in real life. Meanwhile, for raising your standards properly, you need to level in your financial life, appearance, health, personality and education. There is a deep dive article on our blog on Raising your Standards and we suggest you read this article which involved important personality development traits.

Pants Sit On Your Waist.

Most of the time, individual pick pants which feel better on their legs but are loose on their waist, which in reality is not a right fit. They think they can use a belt and it will be fine, but pants should be as fit on your waist that you don’t need a belt. When you have found a pant which sits nicely on your waist, it will automatically fit your hip & thigh area.

However, if this is not the case, then manufacture should have chosen different size method, or you have gained some fat around that area. In that case, try another brand or lose extra fat from your legs, which is important even for staying healthy. Aftermost, always go for pants or jeans which fit your waist with no belts. They are automatically going to fit you on point.

Neckline On Point.

Most of us wear t-shirts, sweat-shirts, and sweaters with a round neck but Most of the individuals didn’t have right neck fitting. When you are wearing a round neck garment or any design neck, try that it is on point. It grabs around your neck or stays close to your neck as much as possible so that you don’t look like you haven’t worn your big bro left over clothes. Even if you are wearing baggy clothes, this necessary that your garment neck is on point.

Width Of Glasses Needs To Be Correct.

No matter what style of sunglasses or glasses you are wearing, you need to wear glasses which always have right width for you. When you buy glasses or sunglasses, there are always 3 numbers to show the size of the glasses.

These 3 numbers will look like “54-20-140“ (number can differ according to sizes but would be in the same manner or structure) which is (Eye Size – Bridge Size – Temple Length). For checking right width, just multiple Eye Size number with 2 and add Bridge size into it.

There you have width of sunglasses or glasses now by using scale measure the width of your whole eye distance from start of right to the end of left.

Awkward Smile.

This can really lead people to feel that you are shy or less confident guy. However, you don’t actually need to smile every single time. Smile when you willingly want and that’s how men are. Awkward smile can also make people think you are trying to smile or you forcing yourself to smile, which makes them feel wrong or have some mis-understanding about you.

Aftermost, if you want to smile but it’s hard for you, and you are really a shy guy then try to do slight smile. In this you just make smily face without opening your mouth, which is way easier and looks feasibly genuine. Meanwhile, by doing that, you can get the hang of making right a smile pretty easily.

Wrinkle Clothes.

Actually, I don’t want to add this because it’s obvious to wear properly iron clothes. However, individuals are still rocking wrinkled garments, which makes them look like they are having hard time lately. If you want to look at your best, please iron your clothes and never wear business casuals or office wears without iron.

Don’t Wear Plastic Things.

I see individuals wearing plastic things those look treble and make them look like a boy or cheap guy. You need to avoid things to being in your outfit or wardrobe, and the biggest reason is because it makes you look cheap. I saw individuals wearing those white fake plastic sneakers which look cheap and awful.

There are some things which come in plastic and you need to avoid those:

1: Accessories: If you affordable accessories at least go metal build.

2: Flip-fop or sneakers: Avoid cheap china imported stiff flip-fops or complete plastic sneakers.

3: Plastic rings or bands: Many individuals wear these and at least so for metal rings or bracelets which look far premium from plastic ones.

Aftermost, avoid fake clothing items or accessories too.