Men Fashion Trends for 2020 You Should Try

The start of a new decade is here, and men fashion trends in 2020 have finally solidified out of 2019 speculations. It seems that fashion seems to be going back to the old staples. As London Fashion Week passed in mid-February, we have seen a lot of classics resurrected, albeit with a modern touch.

Good news, you won’t have to max out your credit card to look cool this year. Check out the top trends for men this year and see how well you like them.

Classic Watches

Men Fashion Trends,
Men Fashion trend in 2020,

Gone are the big heavy gold Rolexes, in comes the old school classics. Watch enthusiasts have noticed that for some time now, true classics in good condition have been selling for insane amounts. That trend has now spilt over into mainstream fashion.

Simple vintage timepieces such as those from Omega, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitling, Rolex, and other titans are seeing a massive comeback. Those from the ’60s and ’70s are favourites.

What to rock

Of course, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on an authentic vintage watch. Just make it simple and understated, and remember that such watches tend to be quite dressy. After all, a good watch is part of men’s fashion trends that will never go out of vogue.

Relaxed Suits

Suits are a significant part of men’s fashion trends in 2020. The standard has shifted from body-hugging pants and blazers to more non-conformist (and comfortable, if you ask me) billowy suits.

How to wear them

⦁ Due to their ‘I don’t care about the rules’ attitude, relaxed suits are straightforward to rock. Simply just get into it, dial-up your confidence to the max, and step out!

⦁ A vital component of a flowing suit lies in the shoes. Unlike slim and tight suits where you can easily pull off the look with loafers or brogues, relaxed suits demand that you carry on the look to the footwear.

⦁ Commando soles are another top trend for men in 2020 that you can pair with your loose-fitting suit to pull off that look anywhere.

Relaxed suits are as much about rebelling against the rules as they are about feeling comfortable.

Oversized Blazers

Back to the ’80s with a retro look, you can wear your oversized blazer anywhere. Depending on the level of your courage, you can take it a few sizes bigger, or go absolutely massive and lap up all the attention!

How to wear them

We’re not talking big blazers here, but oversize. The proportions still need to be clear cut, with the extra material in the shoulders and waist. The length has to be perfect, or else it will just look handed down or worse.

Plus, this is one look where contrast doesn’t work. You will need to balance off the oversized look with something more fitting, say, a t-shirt or pants, but nothing too much so.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are back but bolder and better in all their various types: biker, aviator, bomber, and classics.

This time around, they aren’t just for confused teens. The middle-aged dad and the sixty-something hardcore rocker can all feel at home. The trick lies in how you wear it; there is no Goldilocks ‘not too hot, not too cold’ here. Pick your side.

How to wear them

⦁ If you’re looking for functional and classy, a bomber leather jacket is the safest bet. Or you can also try its close cousin, the aviator jacket. Both are designed to offer cosy warmth and boxy freedom, just as they did back when men flew unheated planes and dropped bombs on other unsuspecting men below

⦁ If you’re bolder, go classic. Add some studs and buttons for good effect, and rock it like a boss.

⦁ For a more versatile look, try a British field leather jacket. These retain the same classic style and functionality they had before WW2, and you can wear them with almost anything.

You would hardly expect to find leathers among top trends for men in 2020, but this year it’s all about being bold. Explore your inner Marlon Brando this year in style.


As fashion tends to move more towards practicality, pockets have reached their zenith. You will find them on cargo pants, half coats, blazers, shorts, and every other piece of clothing you can imagine.

During Fashion Week, a lot of outdoor wear featured from many top names. They put them on technical material such as denim, canvas, and hardshell jackets.

They aren’t discreet pockets either. For whatever reason, this trend involves large conspicuous flap pockets, which you don’t have to worry about stuffing with phones, keys, snacks, and more.


You can’t carry everything in your pockets, though, which is why bags are an even more significant men’s fashion trend in 2020. Inspired by the need to carry about all our devices and other necessities while keeping them safe, this is undoubtedly a men’s fashion trend in 2020 that anyone can hop onto.

Bag Fashion Trends For Men In 2020

Cross-body bags – Keep your precious items close to you. These messenger-style bags come in different styles with tight or loose straps, so you can choose which one best suits you.
Tote bag – Long considered the reserve of ladies and handed the derogatory name of ‘handbag,’ tote bags have seen a major come back. They are versatile, stylish, and much more utilitarian.
Duffel bags – from workouts to a weekend away from home, these Belgian-born statement pieces offer a convenient way to cart around large amounts of luggage without looking like an out-of-place traveller.
Backpacks – long ago, these were the reserve of school children. Today, they’re for the business-casual commuter and fashion-sensitive student.
Messenger bag – these are no longer for paperboys. They have crept up to become an office statement for a formal yet practical addition to your daily look.

Bags have become top trends for men because they are great at complementing your style, just like a watch or shoe does.


Bohemian is all about expressing the inner you through the way you dress. You wear what you feel comfortable and look good in, and usually carries a sort of retro look. As such, the bohemian look is about what you wear and how you wear it.

How to Wear Bohemian in 2020

Shorts – chino shorts are the in-thing. Make them coloured, botanical, tropical, or just heavily splashed.
Trousers – Ripped jeans, baggy pleated pants, and cuffed up ankles. There is no better way to wear them.
Shirts – go for bold. Patterned, floral prints – it’s all about being unique. Wear them loose and half unbuttoned for that carefree look.
Shoes – Boho fashion calls for hardcore casual. Go for leather sandals or loafers. If you can, go traditional boho and stay barefoot!.

Bohemian men fashion trends in 2020 represent the free spirit that likes to let go now and then. Get your look on the ready for that casual weekend outing and truly let go.


A man looks good in a well-knitted sweater or cardigan, that’s for sure. This year, the classic designs, as well as some refreshing new ones, are top trends for men.

Knitted Men Fashion Trend in 2020

Crew neck – the most versatile of the lot, you can wear it over almost anything and is available in numerous designs.
Guernsey – Also known as fisherman’s knit, it was initially designed to resist the harshest conditions. Now you know what to get for those harsh wintry days.
Cardigan – Get a cardigan with a shawl collar and wear it with chinos over a t-shirt. Classy.
Zip-up knitted jumper – It is perfect for pairing with formal wear, mainly to keep the cold out.

There are a few more knitwear options for the stylish and practical man in 2020. These are, however, the top men fashion trends in 2020. Knitwear hardly becomes unfashionable so long as you know how to rock it.


The ’70s and ’80s are back to haunt us. It is a divisive trend, but the boomers will remember them fondly for when they made them the cool cats in town. For the modern man, flares can also bring you the same vintage feel.

You can get them in slightly flared up pants, or true bell-bottoms. Either way, pair them with an oversized hood or blazer and strut off into the sunset like a cowboy.


Summer is almost over, yet the shorts are still riding strong. There is no better way for a man to enjoy the summer heat while remaining covered up.

Some adventurous men have over the knee shorts trying to win over, but that boils down to individual taste. Shorts are one men fashion trend in 2020 that any man can pull off – just be comfortable.

Final Words

Men’s fashion trends in 2020 are taking a clear route towards more practical and pragmatic looks. The good thing is that unlike the usual case with fashion, this year, you won’t have to play catch-up.

The top trends for men in 2020 are also getting a lot of vintage look to them. You can just work with what you have to remain on top of the fashion trends this year.