8 Mistakes That Make You Weaker | Overcome & Become Stronger

Can you feel people see you like a week and They try to use you or bully you for their work, and It becomes hard for you to look muscular and fearless to counter these people and live your life such as bad boy? There are many activities that we do in our daily life that make & appeal to us as dull and attract others to bully ourselves.

However, we called these mistakes that make you weaker, and we should not repeat in our life, but for not replicating these mistakes, we have to know to them that what exactly these are and we can fix them. Meanwhile, that why, In this, You will 8 Mistakes that show you weaker and make you unattractive.

There are 8 Mistakes That Make You Weaker.

Mistakes That Make You Weak,
Mistakes That Make You Weak,


Probably, You have faced these situations in your life, that people say you to do stuff, and you don’t want to do those. But You did because people will feel bad if you don’t, or Someone else force you to do things you don’t desire, but you are doing because you are afraid that what will happen when you say no to them. If these things are happening in your life, and It becomes hard for you to stand out and say no to them, then this is what makes you weak. 

It makes you weaker from your mind, and that is what makes you unattractive. In these conditions, You have to stand out against everything, and You have to say that 2 Letters word “No” to everyone, and You didn’t have to consider their feelings. After saying it, You will see that whatever you are thinking is wrong, no one will be going to feel bad, and If it is right, then It doesn’t matter if others feel bad about you If you stop them bullying you. Try to say no for 2-3 weeks to everyone for everything, and After it by experience, you will automatically learn, how to say no to others without hurting them.

Lose Clothes.

Most of the time too lose clothes can show you weaker as they cover your muscle and Those clothes will be going to appear on you as buggy so your body will be going to appeal thin in it. However, on the other side, If you wear fitted clothes appropriate for your size, then those clothes can make you appeal muscular & strong. Meanwhile, You have to wear fitted garments instead of unfitted to appear like a bad boy and not weak.

Making Fun Of Others.

If you make fun of others than probably, you appeal weak & unrespectable. It is human philosophy that the people who make fun of others are the people who are afraid that no one made their fun. They make jokes on others & bully others because they have a fear that those things didn’t happen with them. For instance, You are here to learn to appeal like a strong personality because you didn’t want others to see you as weak and overcome you. If you desire to appear attractive & firm, then you have to help others instead of making fun of others.

Walk Crowd.

Most of the people appeal weak because of their crowd body language. If you are from those individuals, who walk by their heads downwards, backbend and chest inwards than, You have to fix these as soon as possible because these mistakes are making you appear unattractive & weak. You have to make your back straight with your head, try to look straight forwards, and You have to make your chest appear a little-bit towards but consider you have to do these as you didn’t appeal weird but normal.

Not Workout.

Noone can look stronger without doing the workout. If you can start doing It, then It can change everything. Your forearm muscle will be going to get bigger in a manner of a weak, your chest will going get bigger, and Your shoulders are going to appeal firm that can show you drastically stronger than usual individual who didn’t work out. Doing exercises is so much crucial not only for appearing strong but also for being healthy.

However, You didn’t have to do intense workouts, but You can watch YouTubes videos and do it on your own at your home, Do simple exercises but consistently.

Being Dumb.

Many individuals who didn’t have the knowledge & information appeared as weak & unattractive people think about them as dumb. For Instance, You can see most of the Entrepreneurs, Most of them didn’t have muscular bodies, but they appeal stronger because of their knowledge. However, If you are not expert in your area of life and You didn’t have education about most of the things in our present world, then You have to gain it, It is a power, and It can appeal you as powerful. 

Weak Handshake

Many individuals shake their hands weakly that can put the impression of a weak person on others. However, If you are doing it, then you have to maintain a firmness when you shake your hands and also maintain a solid grip. Further, You can tighten your first finger and put right between their waist to make a stronger appeal when you are shaking your hands.

Confident Talk.

You have to learn to talk confident and improve your communication skills. On communication skill, you can find an article on this blog. However, the crucial step of confident talking is cutting out filler words such as “Um,” “ah,” “uh,” &”err.” Whenever you are talking to anyone, you have to avoid using filler words because these appeal you as unknowledgeable about the topic you are taking and shy.