5 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone.

As part of this article, we are going to talk about 5 Natural ways to Increase Testosterone. Before starting our article, let’s discuss “Why testosterone?“ Testosterone makes us more energetic, driving, effect on our strength, bone mass, fat distribution, and muscle mass. As we age, production of testosterone decreases, but by following the natural methods I am going to share with in this article. You can increase your testosterone levels.

There 5 Natural ways to Increase Testosterone.

5 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone.

Get Enough Sleep.

The number one thing is getting enough sleep. It really helps to keep your testosterone levels. Many hormones have produced during the nighttime and testosterone is one of them. You should at least have 7 hours of sleep. These 7 hours of sleep should be quality sleep, so you have to turn off your tablets & mobile phones. So, you didn’t expose yourself to the light and create any difficulty in getting deep sleep. It makes your brain think that it’s still daytime and may not produce as much testosterone’s.

Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Individuals who are overweight produce testosterone according to that, and individuals who are underweight produce testosterone according to their weight. Therefore, you need to maintain weight so that your body produce right amount of testosterone. You can maintain your weight by considering my ways. You can find your maintenance calories at which your body stays at its maintenance weight and doesn’t go in overweight or underweight category. This you can find from any online, by entering your weight, age and how you exercise your body. These are not that accurate body. These measures are workable.

Include Fat In Your Diet.

We hearing that fat is bad and fat is bad. But you can eat healthy fat, which you get from fish, meat, and other healthy sources. However, fat is crucial to help your body produce testosterone. Example of good fat would be mono-saturated fat and poly-saturated fats. Sources of these fats would be olive oil, grapeseed oil, peanuts, almond, and some saturated fats, but in moderation. Sources of it would be red meat, dark chocolate and real butter.

Exercise Regularly.

Testosterone is really important hormone, which helps with your muscles, bones and metabolism. So, if you are not doing much activity, and you are spending you lots of time sitting or working while siting on your desk, then your brain will think that you don’t need a lot of testosterone. Therefore, it will also doesn’t produce a lot of testosterone.

However, when you do activity or exercise, then your brain is telling your body that you need testosterone. In which case, your brain helps in producing more testosterone. Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that you should do excessive exercise. You only have to do moderate exercise if you want to push yourself. You can do that, but it is unnecessary. The thing which is necessary is doing regularly. You need to become consistent with your exercise.

Control Over Stress.

If you want to increase your testosterone, you need to control over your stress levels. This seems general, but it is important. Under stress, your body produces negative hormones and one of the hormone known as cortisol. If you have a lot of cortisol, your testosterone level drops. Therefore, it is important that you take time and do things you love or enjoy doing so that you can avoid or reduce your stress levels.