9 Nice Guy Mistakes That Are RuinIng Your Life.

If you are a nice guy, then this article will help you a lot, and It can save your relationships to get ruined. There 8 Nice Guy Mistakes that holds & rejects them to take over a beautiful girl, more respect, people attention, jobs or something else in this world that others get feasibly. People hardly respect nice guys. Meanwhile, Being kind and helpful is another thing and being nice is another thing. Nice guys always finish last because they make these 8 Nice Guy Mistakes that make them ignorable and unworthy.

However, You will be going to get the conclusion of every mistake and how you can become a person who is kind, helpful, better but still attractive, badass, respectful and approachable.

8 Nice Guy Mistakes That Ruin Their life

Nice Guy Mistakes,
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Niceness didn’t get back.

The most common and worst mistake nice guys make is they think that if they appear Nice to others, then others will be going to appeal nice to them, but the opposite happens. You have to imagine an individual who is trying to becoming nice to you and You know it, then why should you want to become Nice to him/her in return instead you will be irritating because of him/her by thinking why she/he is doing it. 

However, In Otherside, You didn’t have to abuse anyone so that you didn’t appeal as a nice guy. You only need to stay true and become yourself, respect who deserve it and don’t become too Nice towards others.

Mute Personality.

Nice guys usually mute their original personality because they have to appeal nice and that is what makes them ignorable and people think they are boring. It happens in front of some specific people such as if nice guys are talking with girls, then they try to act like a better person, but that is what girls find boring. Girls want someone trustworthy, senses of humour, confident & attractive and When nice guys try to act as the better person, their chance gets cut off.

Wait For Chance.

It is a mistake that Nice guys automatically make in the process of appearing Nice. Nice guys usually wait for their chance. However, If any girls want you to take her somewhere you want then she is not going to say it, You have to make a decision that you want her to take somewhere better and Probably take her at somewhere she has fun even a park where she enjoys some crazy rides.

However, Judiciously you also have to give a chance to her so that she can also share her ideas & thoughts with you.

Falling For Too Much.

When nice guys become desperate for someone who they can call as their girlfriend, then They start falling for too much. They try to make a relationship with anyone they meet, and that is what makes them unworthy and unattractive. Girls want individuals those are attractive and hard to get, who doesn’t run behind girls, and that is what makes romantic chemistry between both. 

However, In the case of Nice guys, there is no romantic chemistry. Instead, It is only craving that makes a monotonous and unattractive relationship. Meanwhile, This also a reason nice guys get into wrong girls those are not right for them, and at the end, their relationship gets ruined. Aftermost, Don’t run behind girls and find the right girl for yourself.

Pay Money.

You also have to give a chance to your girl to do some good deeds for you. Don’t pay every time let her make a balance between both of you. You are not her bank you are her partner, and She is also your partner, so You have to give her chances to do her job as a partner too, not only you. However, It can also make her feel better & worthy and not depend on you. 

Further, Don’t show off that you are rich if you are and if you are not, then please don’t do it. However, In most of the cases loyal women don’t go for money they want a confident, trustworthy, intelligent, humourous, medium good-looking, and attractive guy. 

Listen & Copy.

Nice Guys also do everything that others say to them without putting any thoughts into that work if it is right or wrong, especially when any girl tell them to do. However, When anyone says you to do anything consider first that It is necessary, can you need to do that or It is just time waste, Can it is beneficial, or It is helping someone. Aftermost, If that work seems useless for you, then don’t do it. 

Meanwhile, Nice guys also copy others most of the time, whatever people say them, they fill it with yes, and especially if someone special, but If something feels wrong to you then talks about it, Put your thoughts in front of others about that thing and clear it.

Afraid Of Games.

Nice Guys are afraid of playing games, and most of the girls play games before making relationship. They can become straight to the point, but If they can, then their relationship would be boring and without romantic chemistry. However, Nice guys run away or become weak when it comes to playing games and testing each other that you both are appropriate for each other or not.  

Meanwhile, Girls play games because it lets them know you more and make your relationship stronger by creating romantic chemistry between both.

Making Excuses.

It is the most common mistake that every nice guy have they make too many excuses if they lose. It becomes hard for them to expect it. Instead, they make excuses. However, It makes them weak and fearful of losing and at the end if they got rejected by someone they make excuses such as, They are too short, not as good looking, or not that smart, but the reality is no one is perfect, You have to give your best, and that’s all.