Reading Changes Your Brain | 3 Step Best Guide

Reading is a great thing to do, but not everyone does it. In past centuries, people gain knowledge and learning from books and it was the only medium to learn new things. Therefore, most people have reading habit. It is crucial as it helps your brain in making work fast and increases your thought process speed don’t worry we are going to explore this in details. In this article, we are going to explore science behind how reading changes your brain. As you train your body by doing body weight exercises or by lifting weight. Reading is exercise for your brain.

There are 3 step guide on how reading changes your brain.

Reading Changes Your Brain,

Science Behind it.

When we read we start by seeing all the pattern and images on the page, these images then send to back of our brain where they have processed, next it goes to temper lope, specifically an area which is know as brain letter box, this is where the back signals have recognized as letter and words. This is information, then travel on the front of lobe (where it workout what this word actually meant, and how it pronounce), in experienced people this happen with in half of the second.

People who read 30 pages have more left temper lobe activity (Memory found in this area, so it helps with making your memory strong and helps with memory related diseases), Emotional regulation: which helps in relief of stress and anxiety, and verbal recall which might help you in retrieving words little quicker.

Building A Habit.

Building a habit is not about doing something, it is about doing something consistently. When people try to make reading their habit, they try to read a book per day which of no use. If you have read or want to build it your habit, then you should start reading for at least 5 mins a day. Yes, you only need to read 5 mins a day for 30 days without skipping.

This will eliminate all the resistance your brain creates before something becomes your habit. This is also going to be easy to follow for days. You need to read only 5 mins no matter how busy person you are. You can read for 5 mins. This can be in the morning or before going to the bed.

Actually Remembering Things.

When you actually want to remember anything, then you should engage with that content in an active state. By being in an active state, I mean you take notes and then engage with that notes in future as well. There are people who read books and it is a great thing when you are reading any fiction or story book. However, when you are reading a non-fiction or a book which provides you with the content to learn and use, then you need to take notes so that you can remember and actually take advantage of your efforts.

Not an entire book is useful and you can’t read the entire book every time. It will take so much time, that’s why, while you are reading, take notes. This way you will have only content you need to revise for 2-3 times in the future. Now, when you take notes, you create neurons about that note in your brain.

However, for the first or second time, the connection between that neuron and your memory is too weak. So, by revising that in the future, you will create strength between your memory and that neuron. However, it is not an extra work, actually it is the real entire process of reading a book. If you have read a book, took notes and then revisited it for at least twice, then you have completed your reading.