10 Remarkable Men fashion & Life Lesson For Men

I was thinking about it, If I will be able to teach some lessons that I learned from living my life so far to my younger self It would be so helpful but neither it is not possible, No one can go back in time.

I suggested myself not to be disappointed because there are lots of people who need these men fashion & life lessons. These men fashion & life lessons will become appropriate for you. As you don’t have to make a mistake to learn, but learn from others mistake.

Let’s begin with 5 Life lessons, and after that 5 Men fashion lessons.
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Learn about Finances & Stock Market.

Learning about Finances & Stock Market from an early age is so much beneficial. If you are at your fourteens or above fourteen, I am suggesting start learn about business and finances from today or at least take stock market classes. For elevating your life, these things are crucial. You can take courses on Udemy about Finance and Stock Market. If you don’t have money, there are lots of free ones available on courses site like khan academy, Udemy, Coursera and more.  

 Read Books.

Reading books is crucial for the human being. If you are neglecting the power of reading books, it is a huge mistake done by a human being. Reading books can Increase the capacity of your brain and creativity. If you are not a fan of reading books at least start reading 30 mins per day. Start with the topic that admires you. I bet you will start enjoying it subsequently. 

 Don’t be your Roadblocks.

Fallows, If you are from those guys who stop themselves saying that, “I can’t do it, I am not able to do it or I will have to want to fail” 

There is a big stop sign for you. Don’t pigeonhole yourself. Start saying yes, join those parties with your friends or make new friends. Involve in activities. Read books on self-improvement. Make a plan and start improving yourself. 

 Enjoy your Life.

Life is the gift of God. Don’t just get stuck in your work. Start enjoying your life go to travel, hang out with your family and friends. Doing this kind of activities help to unbend your life. Delightfully living your life can increase your life expectancy and fill your life with joyous movement.

 Everything has its reason.

In our life from young to elder, we have to face so much firm situation. These situations or problems have their reason to happen. If bad things are happening with you, in the end, everything will make sense beside You will find these firm situation and problems are good.

Fashion Lessons:

Learn to Love Layering.

Layering is an unforeseen way to make appropriate style. You can elevate your style by layering. It is crucial in men fashion. You can do it with basic garments (t-shirt over denim-shirt) or advanced garments(t-shirt or shirt over a jacket, long coat, blazer). Falls time is subtle for layering, but in summers, you can do it with thin and light garments. 

The Younger age is for Experimenting.

In nowadays, Youngers are pigeonholes themselves to experiment. If you are younger or adult, you have your crucial years to experiment and explore. Exploring and Experimenting will subtly embrace your style, and you will reach the pinnacle stage in your fashion. Start experimenting (Like, wear everything dark and over it wear printing jacket) try neutral colour outfit with a bold colour piece of a garment.

Start Wearing Prints Strategically.

Inspired by Zayn Malik, He’s an astounding Icon who knew the power of prints, In his dark and dull outfits, he adds bold look with a printed piece of garments. You can also consider his way of styling and apply to enhance your style. Most people lack in styling with prints, but It can be a versatile piece of garment for your outfit if you can wear it judiciously. You can wear a print shirt with light chinos this summer, to get a light and subtle look. 

Bonus tip: “Most of the time, When buying print garments discover upper-body garments(t-shirt, shirt and jacket) more, instead of lower. (Chinos, Trousers and jeans)

Don’t believe In Rules, judiciously.

If you can go appropriately with your style, You will be able to break the rules and enhance your appearance. You have to do experiments strategically and found an appearance that makes sense. There is a picture of Mr.TMF (Youtube Men Fashion Icon) on his Instagram. In which, He is wearing a long coat with a chino looking sweatpant, but it is a rule you could not wear a long-coat with sweatpants. Meanwhile, If it is making a sense, you can wear it. Otherwise, it is yours.

Wardrobe Lessons.

Discovering about wardrobe and learning how to make a better wardrobe will lead you to the triumph of fashion. It is a crucial thing for every man who wants to look better. If you know how to create a better wardrobe, you can subtly evolve your style. There are many appropriate rules when creating a better wardrobe, covering most of them, there is a video to learn about “How to create a better wardrobe”.