6 Rules You Should Break to Improve Your Personality

Rules are so important, and they are driving this world. However, in this article, I am going to share with some rules you should break to improve your personality. These rules improve your life from usual self. As an individual, you are going to become less nice than usual, but in a good way. By breaking these rules, you can provide yourself with more time and enjoy your life by yourself.

There are 6 rules you should break to improve your personality.

rules you should break to improve

Not Taking Systematic Risk.

Systematic Risk is a term used for risk which you have already counted or you know trails of it. In our daily usual urban life, there is not any fun. We are going to throw usual stuff every day, and without thinking about going out of our comfort zone. This what makes us afraid of things or weak in the long run. If you have any in your like, you want to ask the most girl in your office for going out or You have some sports or activity you wanted to do or You wanted to convert your idea into a real thing. Whatever, it just do it, try to break your comfort zone.

Become selfish Once In a While.

Becoming selfish and just thinking about you is not good, but becoming selfish once in a while and thinking about yourself can become beneficial and improve your life. You can give yourself few hours in a day or spend a bit of money on your yourself feeling no guilt. It is going to help you in understanding about yourself and your personality.

You Aren’t Superman.

I saw individuals and become a slave of this situation myself once as well. In this, we try to help others to change, help them become better, but I found and saw individuals who think they can help others to become better. Are completely wrong. What you can do is tell them what is right or wrong on your own basis and it doesn’t matter that people think about it or do something about it. It depends on them. They find out by themselves and you don’t need to worry about it. Sometimes, leaving people to do mistake is not a bad thing.

After most, If you advise someone just take it advice for yourselves too, don’t worry about, believe on them they get through it and you can become wrong about what you say.

Use The Power Of Word “No“

We are going to talk about the beautiful word which is “No” and I am using it a lot and it’s been so amazing. This word is powerful, that people say nothing after you said it. You just need courage to say no other face, and they will not ask about it again. You should use this word when needed, because without saying no to others, you saying to yourself. By saying no for doing stuff for others, now you have time for yourself, and you can work on your project or improving yourself.

Treat Yourself.

Doing something pleasant for yourself is going to help mentally, and it will improve your life quality. You are going to less stress in between every day struggled life. You can treat yourself as you want, you can buy yourself your favorite food or dessert, you can buy yourself stuffs which you wanted from while. This stuff could be a new watch, sneakers, jacket, sunglasses, or new keyboard for your setup. It could be anything which you wanted to have for a while. You can travel to your favorite place, or visit your village if belongs to a village.

Aftermost, this is going to ease your life and make you feel worthy & respectable about yourself, which crucial for being confidence.

Ditch People Who Adds Negativity.

To be honest, we all meet with people who throw negativity around them and mostly ruins your mood or try to make you feel bad about yourself. You can’t anything about these people and they don’t even try to change themselves. These people are mostly haters or people who envy you and want that nothing better happens to you. The best things is keeping your distance from these people and saying no to them.

However, if you think according to the situation that they are not bad and they can become better, if you guys become better friends, then you can give it a shot. On the other, it is going to improve your life like a lot when you ditch these kinds of people. You felt better, there is no one to criticize you and you can focus on your improving yourself.