Science Of Genes and Height | 6 Things To Increase Height

Height can make a vast difference in your appearance. Most of the women find individuals who are taller than more attractive. In this article, we are going to explore & learn the science of genes and height. We are going to answer about some of the myth related to height and share with you the important which helps in increasing your height. You will know about the foods, science and things are going to increase your height.

There are 6 things about genes and height.

Science of genes and height

Common Concepts.

Most of the people think when their age passes, the age over 20, then their height stops increasing. Sometimes it is true, as your height 90% depends on your genes. Which means you would be few inches taller or shorter than your mother or father. As we said 90% for the rest of 10% these people can be a foot taller than their mother or father or they can a foot or shorter than their parents. It is not specific that your height will going to depend on your parents, only it can be on your grandparents as well. However, if you want and will put efforts, then you can increase your height.


If you have read any of height related articles, then you probably have read about posture as it so important. You need to make sure that you have a right posture. You crouch or blend towards front like you do while using your phone. Make your back is straight and your body is straight as well. You need to maintain right posture while walking, standing up, sitting on the chair. The right posture is when your spin is straight and your head in front of you instead of down. In all cases, try to maintain this posture. Because science has proven that by bad posture, your spin got compressed and it gets decrease in height.


If you want to increase your height, then you have to increase intake of protein. You can take protein by your diet or protein powder. Let’s talk about diet. If you are non vegetarian, then you so many ways to get protein from chicken, fish, and egg. However, when you are vegetarian, then you can take protein from soya beans or soya products, beans, and pulses. Milk is also an excellent source of protein and it is good for height growth as well.


For increasing height, you also need minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. In fruits, Banana is rich source of these minerals and from history banana is good fruit for height growth. In vegetables, green leafy vegetables are the best, such as spinach. These provide your body with dietary fibres which promote growth of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which helps you in increasing your height.


Sleep is important for your overall health and brain. However, it is more important to increase your height. When sleep, your body release HGH, which you know is important for height growth. If you will not sleep well and did not take quality sleep, then the production of HGH in your body is going to be weak and less. So, you need to increase your quality of sleep. Most individuals increase time 6-8 hours is necessary, but you need to improve quality of your sleep as well. You can read this article to learn how you can improve quality of your sleep.


Pull-ups help you build upper body strength. However, it also signals your body to increase your height by stretching it. In exercise, all the exercising in which have to hang and let your body fall & relax are going to promote your height growth. These type exercise are very effective and can boost the overall process of increase your height. You can also do full body stretches, which are also going to help you increase your height.