8 Skincare Mistakes Stops you from Being Handsome.

We, as men, most of us are so lazy when it is about skincare. The individuals who actually have skincare routine aren’t that consistent or do mistakes which didn’t provide them with results that they deserve. In this article, we are going to learn about 8 Skincare Mistakes stops you from being Handsome. These are mistakes that are most common and most of us do. However, these reduces the effect of produce or skincare routine we follow a lot. Most of the guys who have some sort of skincare routine should have much results and improved skincare but because of these mistakes, they hold themselves back.

There 8 Skincare Mistakes stops you from being Handsome.

Skincare Mistakes Stops You From Being Handsome.


Most of the men didn’t apply sunscreen. People who go out rarely should apply sunscreen as well. You need to apply sunscreen because of the damage caused by sunscreen is permanent and it can leave marks on your face. It also makes your face look dull, wrinkled, and increase pre mature aging. However, when you apply sunscreen, it helps your skin in reducing these effects and start to effects opposite to these on your skin. Your face appears more young, healthy, glowing, and tighten skin. Meanwhile, some people who apply sunscreen didn’t reapply it throughout their day. You should apply sunscreen twice to thrice in a day.

Applying Wrong Products.

There are a lot of inferior products available and most of the men used those, which harm your skin instead of making it health and clear. You should do some research and then buy skincare products. You should look for what ingredient they have in them are those harmful and beneficial to your skin. Meanwhile, before considering any product, first identify which skin type you have. Is it dry or oily or a combination of both? Buy products which have beneficial ingredient in them according to your skin type.

Night Skincare Routine.

You should have some sort of night skincare routine if you want to get most out of your efforts and skin. However, it is unnecessary that your night skincare routine includes complex things. It can simple as exfoliating your face & neck properly and applying moisturizers and eye cream. It going to help your skin improve dramatically, and you can see changes in a matter of few weeks. You can use rice moisturizer for glowing skin.

Applying a bit of product.

We all consider about money, which is why most of the individuals use a negligible amount of product. However, small amount of product will not work. You need to apply as much that it covers your entire face. You can feel it on your entire face and it get properly absorb into your face skin. Applying so much is again going to be a waste too, so try to find that sweet spot where you face gets what it needs properly.

However, some individuals buy expensive products which make them conservative while using it, so try to find a good quality product at affordable price, and you can find it as there are a lot of products available in the market.

Not Washing Face Clothes.

There are clothes which contact your face a lot and not washing those clothes could lead to acne, bad skincare, and skin problems. These clothes could be your towel’s, handkerchief, pillow, blanket, and more. When not wash these clothes bacteria & dirt build on these clothes sticks with your face when you make contact. This a reason you need to clean these type clothes 2-3 times in a week.

Face Masks.

Most of the men don’t consider about face masks. Meanwhile, some also think that it is only for girls. However, face masks are like complete treatment once in a week that you can give to your face to renew it. However, there are a lot of useless face masks, so consider doing your research on face masks. You might have your own budget and where you live, you will find different face masks, so, by doing research, you can find one which is right for you.

Not Being Consistent.

It is hard for us men, because most of us don’t consider skincare as our priority, so it becomes easy to skip. Meanwhile, I know we all have our priorities, and it is unnecessary to consider skincare as a priority. However, you need to be consistent with it or you will not get any major results from money you put on products and efforts for few days. It is all going to get waste. You should be consistent with your skincare if you want any results or if you want to improve your skin to next level.

Foaming Face Wash.

It is a mistake when people think that foaming face washes or cleansers are working better and face washes or cleansers which don’t produce foam are not good. However, it is not the case, face washes or cleansers which don’t produce foam still and impressively clean your body. As you complete your bath, apply moisturizer, as it is going to conserve moisture into your skin. Your skin will be more hydrated throughout whole day.