5 Best Steps To Get Better Hairstyles

Hairstyles can improve your appearance a lot. A right hairstyle can make you look attractive and a bad hairstyle according to your face can make you look average or unattractive. In this article, we are going to over 5 Steps to get Better Hairstyle. You will know how to choose hairstyles that are right for you, from whom you should get these hairstyles, how you should get your hairstyles, and last, how you should maintain your hairstyle.

There are 5 Steps To Get Better Hairstyles.

5 Steps To Get Better Hairstyle


When you are choosing a hairstyle. You need to be sure that it should look good on you and enhance your appearance. Meanwhile, you can do it by choosing from hairstyles which are appropriate for your face shape. We have different face shapes and different hairstyles look good on them. First, you need to know what face-shape you have, then you have to find hairstyles which look good on that face shape.

There is an article on how to find what face-shape you have. For instance, if you have an oval face-shape, then you need to search for oval face-shape hairstyles, and you can choose from those which one you like.


You can find hairstyles on Pinterest, Instagram and google. You can also watch YouTube videos as well. Just choose few hairstyles specific to your face-shape, and give a thought about those hairstyles which one will look good on you. Instead, thinking about how it’s looking on the person who has that hairstyle, think about how it will look on you when you have. This is going to make your hairstyle more specific to you.

However, trying different hairstyles is going to make sure that you find a best hairstyle for yourself, and as you have specific hairstyles according to your face-shape and thoughts. It will become workable. You can also have those hairstyles and change them from seasons and occasions to look fresh.


Finding a good barber is as important as finding a great hairstyle. You can find barbers & hairstylist on Instagram. You can also make quick google search of barber, then look at their reviews and Instagram photos and videos to decide if they are good for the hairstyle you want, or not. However, usually barbers are good with hair machines and hairstylist are good with scissors, so choose one which is better for the hairstyle you want. Meanwhile, bring videos or pictures of hairstyle you want so that your barber or hairstylist can understand what you want more appropriately.

Product For Hairs.

Most of the men don’t use products and the men who use products don’t use specifically. You need to use product to make your hairstyle look as you desire. If your hairstyles needs hold, then you should use clay or pomade which has hold ability and Ends your hairstyle with hair spray. It is going to add a steady hold on your hairstyle. You need to find what your hairstyle really require use products according to that. This way you are going to get a perfect hairstyle which looks as you want it to look.


You need to learn to style your hairs and know all the processes behind achieving a great hairstyle. You need to use your blow dryer properly. When you will have a hairstyle from a barber or hairstylist, they are going to style your hairs but when you come at home, try to style your hairs like they did next morning it will not workout. This happens because they are expert they are doing this everyday multiple times. So, you need to practice as well so that you can learn to style your hairs properly.