How To Stop Being Shy For Men| 8 Effective tricks

Many Individuals struggle with shyness and lost so many experiences and opportunities in their life. Every Shy person wants to stop being Shy. It also becomes roadblock when you are trying to elevate your personality and explore this world. It can be a reason for why you are still single or alone, but If shyness has these many limitations so, why you bound yourself in those limitations, and it is because you feel relaxed in it. 

People don’t overcome their shyness because they feel comfortable in it, and for overcoming it. They have to get out of their comfort zone and need to do things that make them feel uncomfortable, but there are some subtle strategies or principles, that you can consider to boost this process and subsequently stop being shy. 

There are eight easy tricks to stop being shy.

Stop being Shy

List Down your fears.

Listing down your fears is a process of assessing what you are, what capabilities you have, what things drag you down, but take thought in your mind that how much depth of worst personality you have, it doesn’t matter because as a human you can always improve yourself if you want. List down your fears and start overcoming them one by one.

It will provide you with enough confident so that you can respect yourself and think that you are capable of doing anything, in this way, you can boost your confidant, and feel less shy when you are talking to a stranger, and your crush. Further, If you can firmly overcome your fears, then It will add a disposition in your personality that helps you, In overcoming any fear minorly, and help you dramatically in being less shy.  

Making Eye Contact

If you want that people didn’t consider you as a shy person, then you can practice making eye contact with them. It is a best practice to consider doing, and It improves relationships, but don’t just overdo it because It feels weird sometimes. If someone doesn’t make eye contact, then people instantly think that he is sad or shy, so for faking them, that you are not a shy person. You can make eye contact with them judiciously, and make full eye contact with them when you meet with them. 

Learn as much as you can

Elevating your knowledge is going to standout you in any conversations with anyone, judiciously. For Instance, If you know a lot about computers or programming, and If someone is talking about it, then Nailing a conversation with him/her is going to need minor effort for you, and by suggesting something appropriate you can effortlessly standout in that conversation. Gaining knowledge is necessary for everyone not only for discussion (conversation) but for mind improvement also. 

In consequences, For elevating your knowledge. You can start reading books, listening to podcasts, reading articles or watching the news for 15-30 mins. These practices will emphasize your brain and enhance your knowledge.

Expert The Three Pillars

The Three Pillars process have the power to change anyone personality and pinnacle his\her life. It contains 3 Key features as you can judge by its name. Those 3 Key features are Mindset, Style, and Communication. If you expert and embrace these key features, You can improve your life a lot, and these threes pillars are going to help a lot or can be a reason to demote your shyness.

There is a definition of three pillars, specifically.


Mindset is how you treat your day, yourself, your future. Seamlessly, why you are living, is an appropriate question to define mindset. In this world, If you want that people admire you and you can transition your lifestyle as you want, then you need an absolute mindset, that knows where you are going, why you are going, and what you want to achieve. For versatility a strategical mindset, you need a goal in your life.


Dressing well is leave a good impression on others, and It also helps in boosting your confidence level. Learning to style better can emphasize your overall appearance, and You can start by reading articles about men style, watching youtube videos, and doing experiments with your style.


Nailing your communication skills has become uncomfortable when you are shy, but talking with peoples and strangers can improve it. You can also take a course on communication skills, and It will dramatically improve your communication. But there is an easy way you can also find Youtube videos about communication skills those will also help you in improving it. 

Learn Body language Skills

Body languages are beneficial when you know how to use them, and by using them, you can scope what others are thinking in their mind. Body languages can effortlessly show you as a not shy person. If you know what body languages are appropriate for that. For Instance, Making eye contact is a body language, and by making it, you can tell people that you are not a shy person. It is a vast topic to explore so, for consuming more knowledge about it, you can read this body language article by mindtools.

Be Present.

Being Present in a movement enhances your concentration and increase your ability to do any work effectively. As being present help in keeping attention on a thing in an appropriate way that decreases your negative feelings, and helps you staying clam and smart related to your work, even if you are a shy person and you are talking to a beautiful woman. 

Being Present is also going to help you in nailing subtle conversations with anyone. For instance, If you are in the present state, you can notice and assess a lot of things in a conversation comparing with a non-present person, and by scoping talk of others, You can ask questions minorly based on what you scope in a discussion.

Get Out Of Comfortzone

 Most of the individuals don’t have the intention to grow and complete their ambition. They are busy in their daily activities, or most of them are afraid to try new things, and It happens because of our comfort zone. Comfort Zone is a zone in which we feel comfortable, and stepping out of it, feels uncomfortable for us.

Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to so many benefits with your brain and personality. You can be more thoughtful (creative), strategical, perspective, a fearless, confident, and a better learner. For making things happen or getting out of it, You have to do things from that you afraid, or you feel uncomfortable such as talking to a beautiful girl, doing performances on stage, going out and making friends. Whatever comes to your daily life, and You think it is uncomfortable.

Be More Engaging.

Being more engaging can elevate your conversation skills and transition you from shy to attractive. Knowing how to engage better can make talking with others minor for you, and when people will communicating with you, they will find it much enjoyable. Hence, For nailing it, You have to learn how you can be more engaging, and by following these steps, you can embrace it.

  • Being Active, It will help you in finding so, many points in conversation from that you can elevate your talking, and seem less shy.
  • Try to see things from their perspective. It will help you in realizing what they are talking.
  • Ask Open Question. It will help you to start a conversation effortlessly, and talking to others can be much easier for you without being shy.
  • Ask Question about them, When you are communicating to a stranger then asking questions can help you a lot in engaging better and know about that person.