Stop Waiting For Things To Happen | 3 Steps

Belong & expectance are 2 things which hold most of the people from being who they are and what they can become. There are some people who wait for others or who don’t wait because someone or something is holding them back. When you have dreams or goals, then it is very hard to reach those already. If you want to achieve something, you shouldn’t wait for it because it is not about doing the big part to reach where you want to go. It’s never going to happen. Small steps are which make you move towards your goals gradually.

There are 3 Steps To Stop Waiting For Things To Happen.

Stop Waiting For Things To Happen.

Feeling You don’t belong.

Well, there is a time which is going to come into your life when you think that is what I was waiting for. However, when you will do those things, you recognize that if you might have started early, then you will be at a different level until now. You waited for this time and it is not worth and you should have started early.

This happens because whatever we try to do, there is some period we have to spend on it to figure out how things are and what the real pattern is to achieve what you want. Meanwhile, most people start when they feel they didn’t belong. There is no right time to start and of course there are some natural things over which we didn’t control which could be delayed in our start.


This is a thing most people think, “what others will going to think about you?” Most of time, if you want to do something or start with something, there is resistance from your family, friends and toxic people as well. First, don’t listen to toxic people. They shouldn’t be in your life. Just stay away or don’t bother by their words. Second, you have to do research on what you are starting or want to do is right or wrong and if you believe you can make it.

If you believe you can make it happen, then go for it. If it is something which you hide and still work on, then do it and when achieve something, then show your parents or friends they were wrong. However, they do this because they care about you as well.

Small Habits.

Whatever you are starting, it shouldn’t need to be something big, or you didn’t need to get things done for that as much as possible. By this approach, you will not have fun from the process and you will feel completely burnout way too early. Instead, divide the things or process you need to achieve your goals and make those your daily small habits. For instance, if you want to learn calisthenic then you should make a habit of training 20 minutes every day and overtime you will build strength and As you and your body become familiar with it within 25-30 days, then you can add more exercises and increase time period of your training.

If you want to start a business. Note down the things you need to do for that business and wake early or waking up for 2-3 hours more at night will going to help you make time for it. Then divide the things and make your habit to work 2-3 hours everyday on your work and yes, you don’t need to quit your job even if you don’t have any; then you might need to get one to fund to for your business.

This is because there are 4 phases in business and after that you become a billionaire, but until you didn’t pass the phase 3 you will not earn as much and your business is going to require all money you make from it. So, you will need some work or an income already to start a business. Work on your business as side hustle and there will going to difficulties between your work and your business but as you pass the 3 phase, you can quit your job and do full-time business.