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Perfect Fit.

On your sunglasses you can find some three set of numbers written which show size, length and width of your sunglasses for example 54-20-140. This is a very important rule of our sunglasses rules you should know article. If you see any other numbers rather than above, then don’t worry, those numbers would accord to your sunglasses or glasses. We are going to learn about these numbers and how we can get a perfect pair for us by choosing correct numbers.

There 4 Sunglasses Rules You Should Know

Sunglasses Rules You Should Know

Width of bridge.

Next, we have width of bridge. It is the small bridge type space between both lenses. However, for choosing perfect pair which suits you perfect from the front, measure the length of an edge of your right eye to the edge of your left eye, then add the width of lenses and bridge. Choose a pair of sunglasses or glasses in which measurement of your edges of eyes from left-to-right matches with the sum of width of both lenses and bridge. This technique will ensure that your pair of glasses look absolute on you.

Width Of Lens.

It is the width of each lense. Choosing the right width of the lenses is crucial, because if you choose a small length of lense then the width of bridge is going to increase, and you are going to appeal as childish. However, when width of lenses is large, then the width of bridge is going to be small, which will present you as unattractive or weird, in case, if you are choosing right length of combine bridge & lenses. Aftermost, Choose width of each lense, which suits your eyes perfect.

Length of Temple.

It is the length of arms which goes from lenses to behind your ear to hold sunglasses or glasses in its position. Length of temples is crucial to make your glasses or sunglasses fit you perfect. If you choose right length, then your glasses will not fall or feel tight or lose. For finding out right numbers for yourself, you need to try out different numbers of each of these three things and choose the numbers which suits you most. Aftermost, bridge the arms of the temple with slight pressure to get a more perfect fit. These arms are which hook behind your ears.

The Inverse Rule

This rule is exactly what it sounds, Inverse. We use this rule for choosing perfect frame according to our face-shapes. What we do in this rule is pretty simple, we choose inverted shape of frame from our face shape. For instance, if you have a round shape or face shape which have appeal soft and circular, then you have to consider frames which have an angular, edgy or rectangular shape. However, If you have rectangular, heart face shape or face shape which have angular, edgy or square appeal consider round, soft, circular frames.


We have mentioned some mistakes also below that individuals do when wearing sunglasses. These are going to save you from appealing stupid and destroying your glasses or style.

Wearing Inside.

The biggest mistake people make without noticing is that they wear sunglasses inside their house or any build which makes them look awful. However, take off your glasses when you are inside any build, mall, house or office so that you didn’t appeal foolishly.

Wearing On the Head.

Some individuals put their glasses or sunglasses on their head which destroy shape & frame of their sunglasses. Meanwhile, our hairs include a lot of dust, dirt, oil and product which ruins lens of your glasses and make your glasses dirty. In conclusion, have a case of your glasses or when you take off of it out one temple in your shirt pocket and leave rest of glasses hang outside which will provide you with badass appeal.