7 Things Attractive Guys Never Do | Ugly guys do

Being Attractive by following and learning appropriate steps, is hard but If you know what things attractive guys never do and you also didn’t do those things, then feasibly without doing anything you can be a Good Looking guy. However, You will need to put minor efforts for not replicate these things into your daily life. If you appropriately be able to not performing these things into your life, then You will automatically become an attractive guy.

There are 7 Things attractive guys never do.

Things Attractive guys never do,

Putting Zero Efforts.

Not putting any efforts into your appearance, attractive guys are aware of it. They know, It is a necessity to put efforts into their style, and You doesn’t need to spend 20-30 mins in styling, but at least think about what clothes you are wearing, and check your breath & teeth, and wash your face. By doing at least these things, you will not devote your style. It can also help you with thinking & learning about your style, and You will minorly improve your appearance and move ahead for being an attractive guy.

Excuses To Not Workout.

Working out on a regular is hard and very easy to neglect by making excuses. It happens because we don’t consider it as our priority, such as other daily work in our lives, for instance, our job, making money, well sleep, our respect and much more. However, there are lots of strategies available from that doing workout will become minor for you. 

The easy way of doing it is to start considering it as your priority, and in this way, your mind will think about working out as a crucial thing and wants to complete it. Aftermost, Make it your habit, and the feasible way to nail it is, do workout for at least 1-2 months regularly, even If you only do 10 Push-ups for 2 Months, It will work.

Complete Hype Outfit.

Hype Outfits are astounding and have their casualty & street appearance into them that defines its style. However, so many individuals take it seriously and become a hype, they wear hype outfits from head to toe, that ruin there style. If you are considering to wear hype outfits, then consider balancing it out with a simple pair garment such as If you are styling hype lose shirt then balance it with simple fit pants.

Waking Up Late.

After a busy & noise day, a silent sleep is a blessing of God, but If you wake up late around 8:45-12:00, then There is a thing you have to make it right because It can ruin your life and appearance too. Waking up late has so many disadvantages. For instance, It can shorten your life expectancy, increase weight, poor behaviour, much more, and you are also missing the advantages of waking up early. Waking up late is also effects on your brain and decreases the ability to focus and work effectively, and you will also feel tired after 2-3 hrs in some cases.

In consequences, Go for your bed early, switch off your phone, and get an early sleep, and try to wake up early at 5:30 and you will feasibly wake up around 6:00-6:30 am.


You could not find any attractive people talking a lot because they know to be talkative can make them look foolish, and they mostly talk about things they know very well or want to know. It makes them appeal mature, mysterious, and knowledgable that woman finds attractive. Sometimes for fun, they crack some jocks or give an intensive compliment, but those will make some sense. 

They also didn’t backbite about anyone, or they did not bad mouth about anyone, and If they have problems with someone, they talk with that person and fix their problems. 


Many individuals are lost, and they didn’t even know what they want to do in their life, and what they want to achieve. On the other hand, Attractive people are always aware of what they are going to conquer in their life, and what goals they have, and It is what makes them attractive. If you didn’t have any goals in your life, or you have some trouble in finding what you want to achieve in your life, then consider reading the book “Ikigai.” It is an astounding book, and It will probably help you a lot in finding the right goal for your life.

Great Thinker.

Attractive people are great thinker, and that is what makes them appealing. They are always thinking about something strange because their mind is adapted to find out new things, new learning and new ways to improve their life or others. However, that’s why they are expert in some skills such as better painter, sketcher, footballer, musician and more, not necessary to be professional, but they know all about it. 

In case you are not a great thinker, then you can improve by doing minor things such as, stop watching T.V, read books, go out in green, play physical games, travel, and learn new things. These will feasibly improve your brainpower and creativity.