7 Things that make a difference between Ugly and stylish guy

We have mention seven things that make the difference between the Ugly and Stylish Guy. By applying these things into your daily life, you will completely change your appearance. I find these seven things will have the potential to make you a stylish guy. 

Difference between Ugly and Stylish Guy.

the following things are to become stylish guy:

Sense of Style.

Sense of style is crucial in Men fashion. If you have a great sense of style, It will emphasize your style. If not, there are the following steps to improve your sense of style.

  • Practising: You have to practice a lot with your outfits, hairstyle and learning minor tips & tricks. 
  • Social Media: You have to follow stylish guys and fashion icons. Following them will help you in getting their pictures and new uploads on the feed section of social media. By watching how they style in those pics. You will admire yourself and develop a sense of style.
  • Have a Stylish friend: If you have a stylish friend. You will improve your style sense automatically by hanging out with him.

Basic Skincare routine.

It is a minimalism skincare routine. You have to revise it twice (morning and night) in a day. You will start your basic skincare routine by following these steps,

  1. You will have to find a face wash that is suitable with your face skin.
  2. After washing your face, You will have to moisturize it with a moisturizer to hydrate your face skin.
  3. By using an eye cream, you will enhance your face looks, and ditch those dark circles around your eye.
  4. Scrubbing face will go to make it look brighter and healthier. Things need to take into consideration while scrubbing, Use gentle hands and only twice in a week is essential.

Products you will need in this skincare routine are face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, face-scrubber cream and suncream also.

Fitted Clothes with Specific.

Wearing fitted clothes is sufficient for every man. It can make a huge difference, whether you are wearing cheap clothes or formal attires. It can instantly elevate your style. If you have loose clothes then, expenditure on tailoring will become the best investment. 

Furthermore, You will also need to know for what occasion you are wearing those. There are principals of wearing clothes, and You have to follow them. You can’t wear sportswear on the marriage of someone that’s why you have to wear clothes with the occasion and sessions. 

Bonus Tips: “Wear lighter colour clothes in summers and dark colour clothes in winters also wear boots mostly in winters.”

Good Hair-cut.

A Good hair-cut will be flattering your looks. If will you discover a hair-cut under consideration of your faceshape, It will be astounding your appearance. Getting a better hair-cut with faceshape is a bulk topic so, you will find furthermore, information from this video.

Nice Pair of Shoes

Wearing cheap quality shoes are sufficient to make your style look rubbish, As everyone knew that the first thing people put their eyes on is shoes. It is necessary to buy quality and a better pair of shoes. If it is a thing that elevates your style and going to be longevity, why didn’t buy quality and better shoes instead of cheap? There are some instructions when buying meticulous shoes. 

Previously, in fitted clothes section, I tell you, you have to wear clothes with the occasions. The same tweaks also embrace in this situation. You have to wear shoes with an event strategically. You can’t wear sports shoes in your office, so you have to buy shoes considering your daily activities.


Fitness plays a crucial role in looking better, As, It enhances your physical appearance. You can find videos on youtube about at-home exercises. You can do those exercises on a regular base to unforeseen changes in your looks. 

There are some benefits to doing exercises on regular bases.

  • Better Hairs: Doing Exercise will increase blood flow to the scalp, helps in the growth of hairs and reduce hair loss. It also leads to healthier hairs.
  • Healthier Skin: Exercise will make you sweat, and by sweating toxic substance comes out from the skin, but after doing exercise make sure to wash your face, so they don’t dissolve in your skin. 
  • Prevention from Acne: Acne happens in unbalancing of hormones that produce more amount of sebum. Sebum cause acne, but by doing exercises, you can maintain hormone balance.


Smile is an inspiration for all, and It’s an easy way to elevate your style. Smiling can fill you with pride, joyous, confidence and happiness. Try to smile more through your whole day, and Smiling will subtle your style. There is a precaution to take before smiling. It is, “you should only smile, don’t start laughing out loud. Laugh, but don’t overdo it.”