5 Things Men Wear That Drive Women Wild.

Clothes matter for looking good and if you know right clothes which make you attractive, then you can wear those and look attractive. In this article, we are going to explore 5 things men wear that drive women wild. These are clothes that women like on men and want that his boyfriend or men wear. Things mentioned in this article actually make you look attractive and it is unnecessary that you only wear these because women find these items on you attractive. These things genuinely make you look attractive.

There are 5 Things Men Wear That Drive Women Wild.

Things Men Wear That Drive Women Wild


Most of the men ignore this, but having a good fragrance matters. Women love individuals who smell great and being around them is easy & pleasure. However, wear a better cologne as it is going to make sure that you don’t smell bad, which drives women off. However, not only women, no one likes to be around smelly guys. It smells bad and feels unhygienic.

However, you should also take a shower every day which is going to help you in staying hygienic and clean. Whole purpose of smelling great is because it makes an illusion that you are hygienic and clean. Meanwhile, wearing fragrance is also going to make other people remember you more, and they will think like, “well, that guy smells great.” Having a great fragrance and using it is necessary.

Perfect Fitted Suit.

A perfectly fitted suit drives women wild. Every man should have at least a pair of perfectly fitted suit. However, In this, suit material is less important than its fitting. Fitting is the most important part of a suit and if it doesn’t fit you well, then there is no point in buying an expensive suit. A suit should fit you like they only made it for you.

When you are buying a suit, make sure that you consider about it’s fitting, and if it is not perfect, then spend money on making it fit perfectly. Fit should be your priority. When a man wears a perfect fitted suit, he is in the most dressed state, which makes him look more attractive and women love that.

Cool Jacket.

I have recently made an article on, “How To Wear Layering.“ Layering makes you look attractive and there is no doubt. However, men look more appeal to women when they wear jackets. Now, it could be any type of jacket which suits your personality such as bomber jacket, long coat, leather jacket, or trucker jacket. Doing these layering also adds details into your style and makes you look stylish. You look like a person who knows about style.

Basic T-shirt.

Women want muscular men to wear basic fitted t-shirt. If you are someone who has muscles, then show them by wearing a basic T-shirt is not wrong. You should do that. Meanwhile, even if you have fewer muscles, it doesn’t matter.

If your t-shirt is fit or according to your style, it will look attractive to you. Fit is most crucial and Woman like fitted clothes on man. Clothes which show that you are muscular and healthy man. Woman loves when we men wear t-shirts which show your board shoulders, muscular chest, and show a bit of your biceps. However, make sure that your t-shirt is not too fit for your size as it will look too much and doesn’t appeal appropriate.

Box Brief.

When the time comes, no women wants to see your big boxers. You should have magnificent pairs of underwears. You need underwears but not childish looking, go for pairs which looks like they have made for men. Don’t consider pairs which have any patterns or something printed on them. You need something fit, dark color block, and basic. However, wash your pairs every day, and replace as they become worn out.