10 Things That Can Save Your Life | Rule To Help Yourself

In our busy life, We are standing face to face with lots of problems without taking care of some terrible situations may be in which we can get in. However, No one knew about these situations when they are going to happen, but When we end up in these we didn’t know what to do at need, that can lead to a risk of our lives. Meanwhile, Problems are a part of our life that teaches us about life, a new thing every day, but for saving our lives in advance and becoming a smart person in these terrible situations, there are some rules that you all should know.

10 Things That Can Save Your Life.

things that can save your life,

Throw Belongings.

If someone is trying to kidnap you or forced to pull you in their car, then In that movement if you are not able to run away throw some of your belonging things on that location. It can help police to find you and in finding a particular place of your kidnapping, and If there were any cameras, then they can get some more helpful photos or videos that can help them in finding you. Further, Didn’t throw your phone, keep it with you because maybe you will get a chance to call someone and inform your location.

Emergency Call Secret.

Whenever you are calling any emergency call, first and for most tell them your location, As your call got connected tell your place where you need them to come first then talk about other things. It can save your life If someone tries to stop you from calling or If your phone battery is low if the police or any emergency service or anyone will know about your location, then they can come and help you but If not then they cannot become able to find you.

Press Every Button.

Whenever You find yourself that someone is following you in an elevator or something terrible can happen with you in it, then press all buttons of the elevator. It can help you in getting out of it and distracting criminal, and You can get a chance to save your life. However, You have to use this method when Its necessary or other people in the elevator will think that you are doing some prank.

Lighting saver.

If your outside and a thunderstorm start all around you, then You can save your life by following these instructions. You have to sit down and put your hands on your knees and bend your head near your knee. Further, If you have any metallic object then throw them away even your mobile phone. However, If you are nearest a place where lighting has hit, then there are chances that light can again fall their so stay away from that place as much that you cannot say that it is nearest you.


Most of the people knew about it but for the sack of people who do not know that if any animal scratches you or bite you, then You can get rabbis disease and for the cure of it as fast as possible wash that place with cold water then run for a doctor. Take rabbis injections & medicines Because if you become late, then rabbis will going to become untreatable.

Phone light.

If you are crossing a road in the dark, then get your phone out and Turn on the torch of it or turn max brightness of phone screen, and show it in the direction from where vehicles are coming and by doing it crossroads. By this way, If any automobile is coming towards you, then they can spot that light from a long distance and understand that someone is there and You can save yourself from accidents.

Count Panic.

In any situation, if you become panic, then your surviving chances got deceased so, for avoiding being panic. Whenever you feel that you are in that state, try to count objects around you and try to take deep breaths and don’t use your chest in breathing, use your stomach. This method will be going to make your mind to stay in the present state and become calm that reduces & eliminate panic attacks.

Necessary 3 mins.

Whenever you travel through aeroplane, try to stay focus for 3 mins during take-off of the plane and its landing. Around 60% of the aeroplane accidents happen in this period. Meanwhile, by applying this method every time you travel through aeroplanes, you can make yourself advance ready for 60% of the dangers and probably save your life from those.

Use tire.

If you are heading for someplace and your car stops in the middle of somewhere, and your phone is not working, and for far away distances, you can’t see anyone then You can use your tire to give a single to aeroplanes flying above. You have to burn your tire, and by burning it, you can be able to produce lots of black smoke that can work for giving a single. Further, stay close to your burning tire because sometimes drivers do these things, but when someone sees it but didn’t find anyone nearby, then they think that maybe it is a junk and they move on their way. 

Train Saver.

If your car stops in the middle of train tracks, and You saw that train is coming, then You have to leave your vehicle behind and run in a direction from where the train is coming. By this method, You can save your life from hitting by the train, and by running in the direction from which train is coming, you can protect yourself from destruction train will do with your vehicle.