7 Ridiculous Things That Cause Hair Damage | How to Fix Them

In our daily life, we tend to do so many things unconsciously even we didn’t notice that we are doing something that can be harmful to us or beneficial for us. The thing we replicate in our daily life and those have benefits we didn’t need to tweak them, but The things that are becoming more harmful for us day by day we need to fix them. Meanwhile, In this article, I am going to tell you about 7 Things that cause hair damage and How you can fix these and take advantage of them.   

  7 Things that cause hair damage 

Things That Cause Hair damage,

Stretching Wet Hairs.

Stretching or putting pressure on wet hairs can damage it and leads to hairs loss. Hairs are extra nervous than usual when they are wet, and It happens because when they are wet, then weaker proteins bond generates called hydrogen bonds. In consequences, You should not stretch or put pressure on your hairs when they are wet. First, dry it, then after that, start the process of styling it.

In the process of drying your hairs don’t use a towel, Instead, use your hands gently to squeeze some water from it, and then use a hairdryer on low temperature from 5-6 inches away from your hairs and dry it.

Over Exercising.

If you are from the individuals who put a lot of efforts into their exercise daily again and again, then there are chances that you will face the problem of losing hairs in the upcoming time. Meanwhile, It happens because as you do excessive exercise regularly, then It makes your body to enter in the chronic stress state that causes your hairs to go into the resting condition(in which your hairs lose a lot but stops or decrease regenerating).

In conclusions, Start getting some rest, sleep, feel relaxed and enjoy your life and also start doing meditation regularly, these things will dramatically decrease the chances of your body to get into the chronic state.

Iron & Vitamin-E.

Iron & Vitamin-E is essentials for hairs. Vitamin-E is responsible for repairing, and growth of hairs as its work is repairing tissues. Vitamin-E serums help in boosting blood circulations of scalp and oxygen supply. It is necessary for your hair & scalp, and You can take it as serum or oil by applying on your head. 

Furthermore, Iron is also essential for hairs. The Iron decrease in your body can lead to hair loss & less or no hair growth, but to overcome this situation, You can eat foods that contain Iron in them such as, Spinach, red meat, tofu, beans & lentils and cashews.

Showering With Hot Water.

A hot shower can damage your scalp, and It is not for a long time, but If you stay on taking hot water showers regular, then It can damage your scalp that can lead to hair loss and other problems. Hot shower is harmful when you are taking it regularly, but if you want to you can take it by skipping 2-3 days and in between those 2-3 days take cold showers or little-cold showers. This way, you can’t damage your scalp, and You can enjoy the joy of hot showers.

Wearing Hat.

There are some misconceptions about wearing a hat can lead to hair loss & poor hair health, but that is not true until you wear rugged & dirty hat (that has not washed from days). If you wear a hat for 2-3 hrs or less then that in a day, and Your hat is neat & clean then there is not any problem and It will not harm anything. However, wearing dirty hats can affect on your head scalp and leads to some scalp infections. Meanwhile, Those infections can be a reason for hair loss and poor hair health.


In a country where I used to live many people losses their hairs because of stress, and There are chances that if you take stress a lot in your daily life, then you will also see some of the situations like that. Stress has lots of disadvantages from small problems to risky diseases, and In this era, It is a lot common thanks to our daily necessities. However, there is nothing wrong with our requirements aftermost we are humans, but We should not forget that racing or pushing ourselves every day can harmfully effect on our lives.

In conclusions, You can consider the following thoughts written below to apply in your daily to reduce & eliminate stress. You should visit nature within 2-3 months. Try to spend time on a natural place for 1-2 days in between every 2-3 Months and It can tremendously effect on reducing stress from your life. Make meditation your habit, Start doing meditation each day, and if you find it hard for every day, only meditate for 2 mins for a month, and You will make it your habit feasibly.   


You can see posters everywhere that smoking is injuries, but It not only injuries for your health, It also damages your hairs and become a reason for hair loss. It destroys our immune systems that increase the chances of bacterial & infectious diseases on our scalp. It also effects on decreasing blood circulation and make your hairs unhealthy and reduce the rate of regenerating new ones. Aftermost, If you do not do smoke, then please give a tap on your back, but If you do, then please do whatever it takes to leave it.