17 Things That Women Find Most Attractive in Men Style

We may deny it all we want, but the fact remains that men dress to impress women. There are many out there who will go to any length to make sure they get enough attention from the opposite sex. This is why what you wear matters a lot. Whether you are married or not, it is always good to put on something beautiful and attractive. A nicely dressed man is among the top things women find attractive in men.

And if you are the kind of guy who wants ladies to know you are around, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share a few things that bring out the best look for man in the eyes of women.

Well, many believe confidence is the key to a woman’s heart. Whereas this is true, it will not help much if they misperceive you. Women only take a few seconds to determine whether the man they are meeting for the first time is attractive or not. This, of the essence, means the first impression is paramount to how you will be perceived henceforth. If you are a man who cares much about how you appear, this is the place you need to be.

 So what do women find attractive in men?  Continue reading, and you will get the answer.

A nicely groomed lad

You may not have the best wardrobe on you, and that may escape them. But you will never avoid your grooming habits from a woman. This is so serious that they may sense almost immediately if you have done something you are not used to. It is always good to get used to making yourself presentable at all times. Here are things that make up a well-groomed man:

Your hair

Some people think hair is only essential to women. But, many men take care of their hair very selfishly. A well-done hair brings out the best look for man. 

Facial hair

Did you think only women should care about their eyelashes? Well, women find well kept facial hair attractive in men. Let your beard sit will on your face. It does not matter whether you shave clean or let it grow; just make sure it fits your face.

Body hair

A hairy chest is among the body parts women find attractive in men. You need to keep it clean at times. Do not let your hair overwhelm other parts of the body.

Nice smell

 If you work out a lot, you may want to beat that sweaty smell and boost your body odor with a nice cologne. Women hate a lousy smell but love a cooling sensation. You will love yourself too.

General cleanness

Taste among women differs significantly. However, there is some consensus, and a majority of ladies discover the best look in man from how clean they are. You can never dispute the importance of appearing neat at all times.

A fitting suit

things women find attractive in men
fitted suit

Men often reserve suits for special occasions. They are not among the most common attire for men. However, ladies will appreciate it much if you appear to them in one. And you don’t just wear any suit; it has to be a well-fitted suit. Such attire brings out the best look in man, especially for occasions such as wedding anniversaries.

You are meeting your woman for the first time, and a suit may show how serious and committed you are. This is because suits are associated with business people. But you don’t have to be one to wear one.

Put on a beautiful watch

Technology today has made things very simple and easy. We may never remember to buy a watch because Smartphones have taken the duty of telling time. Research shows that watches are among the rarely won a few things that women find attractive in men. It offers a more polite way of checking the time.

Apart from this, men who pay attention to details find favour in the eyes of many women. A watch shows you are self-conscious and able to know your surroundings. It commands respect.

Use of fragrances

According to a research titled “Personalities and Individual Differences,” published by researchers in Europe, the smell is more attractive in men than visual cues. The study sort to discover factors that affect men’s and women’s mate selection.

Women have a very strong sense of smell. No wonder this is olfactory is among the things women find attractive in men.

Try out a few fragrances before settling on one of the works for you. Remember, you don’t need to pick it just because it is right for another person, your general body smell may not agree.


This may sound out of order. But it is quite amazing how women many find a man wearing pink attractive. Many men don’t wear pink because they think it is more feminine. Well, it takes a lot of guts to wear such a colour. And women find such boldness attractive in men.

Apart from this, pink often represents positive emotions. In 2014, French researchers researched on this colour and established that many who wore pink appeared happier than any other colour wearer. Pink somehow magnifies a smiling face, and we know ladies fall for such.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the best at combining the shape of boxers and the fitting of briefs. They do not chaff and will not leave your manhood hanging down. Wear some of these at the gym, and you will have all the women smiling your way.

You may think some of the things that women find attractive in men here don’t make sense. But a study by Men’s Health reveals that simple things like boxer briefs have a significant effect on how women perceive them, more than when using regular underwear. It shows that 58% of women would love their men to put on these undergarments. They bring out the best look for man in the most subtle manner.

Find yourself some nice shoes

Among things that are most attractive in men are cool footwear and a pair of jeans. Many women will go for a man that has excellent taste in shoes; it is the first thing they will notice about a man’s style. You don’t need to be a genius to know that you need to invest in classic, quality shoes.

Shoes create the best look for man. You don’t need to have a vast collection. But consider the following when choosing shoes:

  • Your general wardrobe in terms of colour and style
  • Your personal touch in colour
  • Your style in shoes

Pocket squares

Well, many may be surprised that we include this in our list. It may seem like the least of things women find attractive in men. However, research shows that women have a very high sensitivity for details. And it is these little things like a pocket square that may bring out the best look for man. If you play your card right, it might easily grasp the attention of your lady. Choose the right colour and pattern, and you will not be surprised by how complementary they are.


Well, perhaps you already have a tie, or you already know how to wear one don’t need anyone to tell you how they are attractive in men. But listen, there are trends in ties that you may not be aware of. Consider the thin skinny tie for instance; it may help bring out an extra something in your fashion. Unique fashion features like these are among the greatest things women find attractive in men. And you don’t want to miss out on that chance.

A fitting sweater

things women find attractive in men, best look for men
fitted Sweater

Sweaters bring out the best look in man because it compliments nicely fitting jeans. For instance, you can wear a pair of Chinos or suit pants to fit any type of situation. If you are creative enough, no woman will resist a comfortable fitting sweater made from high-quality material. It is all about feeling nice about yourself. Women find high self-esteem attractive in men, and you want to be counted as such.

Button-up shirts

There is something about short-sleeved shirts that makes everyone want to have them. You will see them in all magazines and runways. People love them because they are versatile, and they make the best look for the man. And do you know what is even better than this? A long-sleeve button-up shirt. For unknown reasons, women find this rolled-up shirt quite attractive in men.

A fitting tee-shirt on jeans

Men love wearing high-quality fitting t-shirts because plus fit jeans because they bring out the best features of their bodies. They show muscles, especially for a well-kept body, and women find that very attractive in men. Just be sure to pick the right colour, and something you are not going to fuss so much about.

Well, guys, there you have it, the 12 things women find attractive in men. We hope it helps you leave your home feeling more positive.