4 Worst Things You Should Not put on your Face.

We all want better looking face and better & clear skin plays an important role in making our face look better. However, people use product & things to make their skin clear and it is right to use product because by itself your skin will not get well. If it’s inside problem, then through diet and if its outside problem, then through products you can fix those problems.

Meanwhile, there are some things or products which you should not put on your face as it can ruin your skin and cause skin problems and you will not know that what is causing the problem. In this article, we are going to explore 4 things you should not put on your face.

There 4 Things You Should Not Put on Your Face.

things you should not put on your face

Bar Soap.

I know so many individual use bar soap on their face and some want to far with it. However, it is not good for your skin, it can cause acne, and make your skin texture harsh. It also makes your face more dry and itchy. Bar soap often contains sodium laurilsulfate, which really dry your skin and it loses its moisture and overall health.

Petroleum Jelly.

You need to keep away products which include petroleum jelly into them from your face. Petroleum jelly is harmful because they basically discovered it at the bottom of petroleum barrels and now, you can imagine, it is not good for your skin. There is an alternative which is made of beeswax which you can use but avoid use of products which contain petroleum jelly.

Body Moisturizer.

Body moisturizer is good for your body but it not for your face. If you by chance apply body moisturizer on your face, it can clog your pores and lead to acne and breakout. Most of the body moisturizers are cheap, which means they contain harmful ingredients so they are good for your body, but you get body moisturizer with better ingredients (still it is going to be cheaper than face moisturizer) but it will be good for body use. However, use moisturizer which is specifically made for a face on your face.

Rubbing Alcohol.

Astringers or toners, most of them contain alcohol in them. However, it feels good & fresh when you put it on your skin but it rubs off all the oil from your skin. However, when your skin release that there is no oil, it releases oil or even more oil, which can lead to acne and sebum on your skin. So, if you using toners or astringers then consider checking if it contains alcohol or not.