8 Tips To Look Taller | Best Exercises, Stretch & style tips

I agree that having 3-6 inches extra in your current height is not going to hurt you and not me also. The truth is I have added 3-4 inches actual height in my previous height growth and 2-3 inches more visually whenever I style by using styling tips (on top of it). However, the bright side is I have provided you with all the information from that I have done it so that You can use that information and get results. 

Meanwhile, All the exercises and stretches, I have mentioned in this article, You have to do it all on a consistent base for 2-3 months to see some changes. The results may vary according to you such as few individuals can see the changes at the start of their first month and few can see at the end of their third month so don’t give up, do it regularly. 

However, You can instantly add the visual 2-3 inches or even 5 in your current height by using the styling tips that are given in this article to make you appear taller. You didn’t have to wait for anything, You need to use these tips to look taller, and You can appear minimum 2-3 or maximum 5-6 inches taller than your current height.

Tips To Look Taller,
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There are 8 Tips To Look Taller.

First of all, We are going to start with some workouts, stretches and Posture corrections tips that you need for the long term and real height growth.


Stretches are most crucial for us to grow our height because It allows & push our muscles & body to expand more that benefits in increasing our growth even further. There are some rules you have to follow before start doing stretching, and those rules are, You have to hold for 10-12 sec in the position in which you are stretching, and You have to take long breaths during this whole stretching process. It can put pressure on your muscles and force them to grow or expand in real. Aftermost, There are 2 Stretching videos (video1video2), and from these, you can find efficient stretches for doing.  


Everybody is aware that the right posture is a feasible way to show 2-3 inches more height because when individuals slouch and didn’t maintain the correct posture, They look shorter than their current growth, and lost 2-3 inches based on their bad posture. You need to correct your posture if you have bad and You can do it by assessing what you do in your whole day such as individuals who sit a lot of their time on chairs have mostly poor posture. However, You can adjust your setup to fix your posture. This video will teach you, how can you tweak your sitting area for proper posture.

Meanwhile, In other cases, you only need to look straight, and Your chest should be a little bit outside, and Your spine should be straight. Some stretches from above will be going to help you with correcting your posture.


In forcing your body to grow, this is your last third step. You have to do some exercises that are going to boost the process of increasing your height to its pinnacle. I have this article in which you can find 30 Exercises that are best for growing your length. However, You can also prefer some cardio exercises that are efficient to lose fat and increase growth. Running for regular bases is also beneficial.

Styling Tips Instant Height.

Vertical Stripes.

Vertical stripes are so much useful to look taller as those are vertical they will make you look taller in a vertical direction. However, If you want your upper body to appear longer, then you can wear vertical-stripes shirt, and If you desire that your lower body looks taller, then You can wear vertical stripes pant. Meanwhile, You should not wear whole vertical stripes outfit because it can make you appear not as attractive as you need.

Tailored Clothes.

If you want to look taller, then You have sacrificed all the baggy clothes you have, or You need to tailor them appropriate to your size. It is crucial because whenever we wear baggy clothes, they make us appear bulky in the horizontal direction that makes us look shorter. However, Opposite happens when we wear fitted clothes that are appropriate for our size, not too fitted but not lose than those garments will be going to make us appear much tall. If you start to wear Fitted-Garments, then It will create a visual appeal of you as 2-3 inches taller than your current height even If you are not.

Meanwhile, If you are not fit such as you are too bulky or lean, then You have to reduce or gain your weight to come into a medium people category because they feasibly look taller then other body shapes.

Wear Thick Sole Shoes.

It is too feasible to guess that thick soles shoes are instantly going to add 2-3 inches extra into your height as soon as you wear them. However, Every shoe does not have a thick sole, so you have to consider it before buying your new pair of shoes. If you want, You can consider boots because they usually have thick soles to create a classic vibe and they also have high top appeal in them that will be going to help you more in the process of making you appear taller.

Match Shoes Color with Pants.

If you are wearing black boots, then You should be wearing black pants to match your pants or jeans with boots, however, by doing this method, You will be going to create a visual illusion that your lower body height is taller. This method can also add 2-3 inches instantly into your current growth visually. This method works pretty effectively and emphasizes anyone style.

Short Side and Long Top.

Hairs also make a difference in your height. If you have long Hairs on sides and same as on top or short on top, then It can make your neck and your face to look shorter that can cut around 2-3 inches of your height. Seamlessly, You can use it for your advantage by having long hairs on top and short hairs on sides and by this, you are making your neck, shoulder area, and face look tall than before. This method will make you look tall.

Aftermost, These styling tricks will be going to provide you with extra 5-6 inches visually and Workout, Exercise, Stretching are going to increase your height in actual, If you do them consistently.