7 EFFICIENT vitamins To Improve Appearance NATURALLY

What we consume in our daily life affects mostly on our body from inside & outside, and Eating is a large part of our consumption what is most responsible for our body health & health of our skin, hairs, nails and eyes more. Eating the right food can dramatically improve our appearance & health to its pinnacle, but it becomes complicated as our body needs lots of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

It would be easy if we know about, what things have what vitamins, minerals, nutrients and what vitamins, minerals, nutrients are efficient for what things or parts in our body. Furthermore, For making it easy, I wrote this article in which I covered 7 Vitamins that are responsible for better health and astounding appearance. These vitamins will improve your skin, hairs, and Your appeal to its pinnacle naturally.

There are 7 Vitamins to improve appearance.

Vitamins to improve appearance,


Vitamin-C is the most common and most effective vitamin for our body. In our life at some parts, we did hear about vitamin-c as it is responsible for curing the simple skin problems to complicated diseases and improves the immune system. 


Vitamin-C has lots of benefit in regards to appearance. It makes your lips smooth & healthy so, If you have dry lips or rugged lips, then you need it. It makes your skin looks more glowing and better. It also protects your skin from UV rays and helps in the repair of hyperpigmentation. Aftermost, It helps in making our immune system firm so that our body fight with diseases effectively. Vitamin-C plays a crucial role in hydrate also that is necessary for appearing active, youthful and confident.

How to take vitamin-c in daily life and sources?

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin-c, and If you are wondering about what are citrus fruits then, they are the fruits those have lots of juice into them such as orange, lemon etc.

Some Vegetables: Broccoli, Tomatoes, Spinach (also rich in iron), cauliflowers, and green leaves vegetables.


Vitamin-A is a highly crucial vitamin for the human body, and It has tremendous benefits for health and also for elevating appearance. Vitamin-A contributes a lot to improve the look of a human body, skin, face, hairs and eyes.

Benefits of Vitamin-A.

Vitamin-A protects our eyes, and It improves our vision and appeal of eyes (eye looks better and become healthier). It also improves our skin by reducing acne and wrinkles. It helps a lot in regenerating & healing our skin upper layer, which contains lots of cells, and It makes our skin appear glowing & youthful by making collagen under our skin thicken. 

It decreases the risk of lots of cancers. It helps in making sebum that is effective for moisturizing scalp and improving health & growth of hairs. Finally, Vitamin-A helps in bone growth also.

Sources Of Vitamin-A.

Some Vegetables those are a great source of Vitamin-A: Broccoli, Carrot, leafy green vegetables, sweet potatoes, spinach and squash.

Fruits those have Vitamin-A are orange and mango.


Vitamin-B12 has most of the inside benefits, but those are necessary for appearing better and elevating your appeal. Vitamin-B12 helps with red blood cells, heart, brain, and also with some major skin problems.  


Vitamin-B12 reduces the risk of heart diseases. It improves the formation of red blood cells. It also decreases the loss of neurons in our brain, which leads to better memory. Vitamin-B12 helps with major skin problems like vitiligo & pigmentation. It also helps in elevating the energy of our body that will make you energetic and attractive.


You can find Vitamin-B12 mostly in non-veg food such as meat and fishes, but If you didn’t eat non-veg, then you have to take an injection of Vitamin-B12 by your nearest doctor or clinic. 


Vitamin-D is responsible for lots of benefits regarding appearance & health, and The bright side is, You didn’t have to pay anything for them. It is a fat-soluble acid that produces during exposing of sunlight around 6 Am to 10 Am, and I mentioned 6 Am to 10 Am because after that what you are facing, you should need sunscreens for that.  


Vitamins-D helps with several diseases such as flu, heart diseases, and multiple sclerosis that increase your appearance by decrease chances of being unhealthy. Vitamin-D reduces stress & depression and saves us from looking dull and unenergetic. It also increases the ability of our body to reduce its weight, that leads us to better fitness naturally. Vitamin-D strengthens our bones & muscles and makes us younger for an extended period.


  • You can get Vitamin-D from the sun in between 6 Am- 10 Am.
  • There are some foods which contain Vitamin-D:
  • Mushrooms, Milk, Egg yolk, Soy, almond, and trout fish. 


Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin. It is mostly responsible for better mental health, anti-ageing, digestion and more. Meanwhile, It is necessary for our inside appearance and our skin improvement.


Vitamin B3 is a cure for brain health. It improves our brain health a lot so, we don’t only look better but have potential with our brains. It also becomes efficient for our skin to make it smooth and healthier by protecting us from the sun and by saving us from skin cancers. Vitamin B3 reduces diabetes or save us against it for the future. It helps with arthritis that effects on our joints and improve the flexibility of them.


Veg: Peanut, Avocados, Green Peas, Sweet potatoes, and Brown rice.  

Non-Veg: Tuna (Yellowfin) and lean Chicken breast.


Vitamin-E is so much beneficial for body & appearance. It is fat-soluble so, your body uses it as needed. You can find it in many serums & oil as well, such as It has lots of benefits regards hairs & appearance.


Vitamin-E is a convenient cure for hair loss. It also improves the blood circulation of the scalp, which enhance the health of our hairs, and It makes your hairs appeal shiny & smooth. Vitamin-E increases the lives of cells into our body naturally that decreases chances of heart diseases & cancers, according to the National Institute of Health(NIH). It also leads to a better appearance by repairing damaged cells.


Several Vegetable oils (Wheat germ, sunflower, corn and soya beans.)

Nuts (almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts.) 


Zinc is a treatment for dark spots, acne, and scars. It improves your skin by reducing and healing acne or marks on your skin. It also used in complicated skin problems such as melasma, eczema, and rosacea. When you are consuming zinc, then you have to take it by your age and the chart of age according to the consumption of zinc, You can find it on Healthline article.


Milk products, Wheat, Rice and oats are a good source of zinc.