What Colours You Wear Says About Who you are

There are so many mysteries that lies in our everyday task, and one of them is, “What Colours You Wear Says About Who You Are.” It seems unrealistic, but It is a truth by the research and physiologically proven and tested. Business industries and most of the people use them strategically, such as in logos, advertisement, and police uniforms.

Every colour has its meaning and abilities to assess a unique personality, Physiologically. Your favourite colours or what colours you like to wear refers to what your character is.

There are 9 Most wearable colours, and what colours you wear say about you.

Colours You Wear
Source: https://www.instagram.com/benbrewster/


Black is an elegant and smart shade. It is the most versatile shade, and Black garments are necessary for everyman wardrobe. Being the most appropriate colour in garments, It has a royal feel in it. However, If you consider wearing this shade, then It appears you as an intelligent, powerful, mysterious, muscular, and elegant person. 

Black colour absorbs lots of light so, the garments of black shade will going feel little hot in summers instead of other colours, but This shade can elevate your personality, and make you more attractive. If this shade is your favourite colour, then You would be an intelligent, creative, and powerful person.


When you have to look unforeseen, and ahead from everyone else, then this colour comes in handy. The red shade is bold, and It takes courage & experience to style with it. However, If you want to appeal powerful, attractive, passionate, steady emotions, love and Fun, then you can consider wearing a garment of this shade.

Red is an appropriate colour for parties, and Instead of complete bold red garment or suit, You can style dark various of red such as maroon, Indian red, turkey red, and ruby red. These varieties of red colour are much appropriate for styling in everyday life instead of complete bold red, but these varieties have the same meaning and thought as original red. 


Orange is a mixer of red and yellow colour, and orange adapts 50% of qualities from red and 50% from yellow. Orange is a warm colour, and It also uses to appear attractive. If you want to look funny, energetic, enthusiastic, refresh and different, then You can consider styling with garments of orange colour.

Furthermore, If orange is your favourite colour, then your personality also adapt to the above qualities such as you could be an energetic, attractive, enthusiastic guy.


Yellow colour has lots of talks about it, and It is the most well know colour in the market and industries. The yellow colour is the most attraction grabbing colour. However, It has a firm connect with style and fashion. You can judiciously use this colour to emphasize your appeal and elevate your style. Yellow colour can be the best colour for gym clothes, as, It represents energy, warmth, brightness, and also grab attention.

You can also embrace yellow shades into formal attires to meticulously aggrandize your appearance specifically in ties, socks, handkerchief, suit jackets. If you consider a yellow colour, then It will represent you as an energetic guy, loyal, joyous, honour, enlightenment, and food lover.


Green is a sign of safety you can judge by traffic lights, but there are lots of other representatives of green available and has appropriate meaning. It is a subtle shade from all, and If you wear clothes of green colour, then It will describe you to others as healthy, well-being, kind, green panther, lucky, hygienic, exciting, calm mind, positive, and smart person. 


Blue is a shade that is a consideration of most individuals, and It stands for the world’s favourite colour in a survey conducted by YouGov. Blue signifies many honest means and trustworthy thought that can be a reason for making it the world’s favourite colour. It also used in serval countries in Police uniforms and also used into business logos to describe trust. If you like to wear blue colour clothes, then you would be trustworthy, well-behaved, calm, peaceful, secure, reliable, hard worker, and logical individual.


Turquoise is a mixer of blue or green shades, and like in orange colour, It also holds the abilities of blue and green colour. This shade can easily add a refreshment into your style. Embrace this shade in your outfit when you want to look cool, calm, creative, communicative, and patience.

This shade can devote you to others as refresh, communicative, neat, impressive, loyal, inspiring, and patient.


Purple is a royal and success colour. It signifies luxury and wealth. However, It has other appropriate meanings, and You can easily add those feels and senses into your style by considering a purple shade garment into your outfit. If you like purple colour, then You would be a mystery, imaginative, spiritual person, and also You would have lots of wisdom.


Pink colour arguable effects on our behaviour, and helps in making us kind, loveful, and friendly. Pink colour plays a crucial role in love and romance. If you are going to meet a woman, or hang out with a woman, then you can consider wearing a piece of the garment of pink colour in your outfit. It will describe you as a gentle, romantic, friendly, nurture, and emotional person.