Men Style What to wear on the first date | 10 Best Steps

A suitable partner can change your life. Everything is going well and you finally have a date with your crush. You have a full-moon smile on your face by thinking about all odds of your first date which is tomorrow. However, after thinking useless things you finally thought that you need to prepare for your first time. Meanwhile, as it’s your first date, in the article we are going to teach you how you can make a great & loyal first impression. You will learn about what clothes you should wear on the first date, how you should wear those important things to consider, do’s and don’t do’s you need to be careful about.

So, let’s begin with our article…

What to wear on the first date?

What to wear on the first date.

Basic rule:


Everyone is aware about the fact that wearing clothes according to your size is necessary. However, It is as necessary that even most of us are already aware it but its worth to reconsidering about it. Before heading towards your first date please wear clothes those are well fitted. You need to consider about that the clothes you wear shouldn’t be too fitted or lose because it will leave wrong impression and considering your first date its important.

Occasion & timing.

Now, we all are well aware about fitting of clothes. Meanwhile, let’s talk about choosing right clothes. Before assessing your outfit colors & vibe, you need to think about where you guys are heading for date and timing of date. Because if your date is in a hotel at night then wearing formal clothes would be suitable. However, If you guys have date in the morning in the parks or somewhere more casual place then It would be better if you wear casual clothes.

Things to avoid:

1: Hoodies: You don’t need to show a picture of that you are not putting efforts into your dressing because it will create an image of careless towards her. Meanwhile, she can think that you don’t care that you look special in front of her.

2: Sunglasses & Hat: These items create mystery and privacy between other people and you when you wear them. However, when you are going for date, you need to avoid wearing these because you don’t need to make your partner feel comfort and that you are honest with her and don’t have any mysteries between both of you.

3: Tie: You need to avoid wearing tie because it can make too formal & strict environment between you and your mate. You need open & casual so that things feel ease between you too both and you both actually enjoy your first date.

4: Graphics & bold colors: At last, you need to avoid wearing graphics or bold colors which make you look more flashy. You need to consider dark & neutral color (Navy, Maroon, Grey, charcoal & khaki) garments with no graphics.

Things necessary to do:

1: Watch: It’s a necessary item on the list. By wearing watch you shows that you respect your time. However, it adds a classy and needed detail into your style which you need in order to level-up your style.

2: Wear Quality Underwear: It is crucial to wear quality fitted underwear on first date because it will provide you with extra confidence. Meanwhile, boxers can ruin your image if things want far.

3: Clean Shoes: You need to clean your shoes before you wear them. Shoes tells about person personality that’s why wear clean quality shoes. However, avoid colorful sneakers, instead go for boots, white or black leather sneakers, or classic shoes (except oxford).

4: Grooming & Hygiene: This is crucial because it can make your first date or break it. First, you need to do grooming, trim your bread, shave neck hairs, take a shower, follow your skincare routine and brush your teeth. Have some mints for mouth freshening to prevent bad breath and clip your nails. Aftermost, apply a right proportion of good fragrance. All these things are necessary.