Why Korean Men’s Have Great Skin? 7 Reasons.

Korean skincare & beauty market worth 10.9 billion in 2019, which is increasing at 9% of cagr, but despite expensive skincare products. Most of the Koreans have bright, glowing, and clear skin. Can this because of these expensive products, or what difference Koreans have in their skincare then rest of the world? Can be their diet, which makes their skin look astounding?

In this article we are going to explore most of the questions individuals have in their mind about Korean skincare and also how we guy can get glowing and clear skin like them.

Why Korean Men’s Have Great Skin?

Why Korean Men's Have Great Skin.


Korean men consider about their skin from an early age, which helps them to get more experienced and knowledgeable about their skin and products. They also find which products work best with their skin. However, the best things is that they understand their skin better which helps them find out what are requirements of their skin. If you can find out what your skin wants in order to look clear and healthy, then you can provide that vitamins & minerals to your skin and improve it.


Skincare and wellness is belongs to Korean culture that’s why they have rich information about products and ingredients. These things make their products so effective and expensive. Meanwhile, as it is a culture, Korean parents are also be aware of skincare & wellness and they help their children find out better.

Product Utilization.

Korean men actually spend their money on trying different products which work for their skin type. However, Most of us guys hesitate to spend money on skincare products but we can spend for movies, games and hangout. Meanwhile, you need to understand your skill type and actually try products which are work for your skin type. The easiest & effective way to choose products is by assessing your skill. For instance, if your skin is dry then use products which oils & minerals to encounter dry skin.


Korean skincare includes various of things which are focused on their specific work. We can’t discuss each step because this article is on a different topic, but you can read about whole Korean skincare routine step by step in this fashion beans article. They have included 10 Steps of Korean skincare with proper sequences and How to follow those steps and Instruction on when to follow those to achieve Flawless skin.

The Make-Up

They also wear makeup such as powder and stuff. They also use foundation for dark spots on their face. You can do that but always wear light make-up and you can find many YouTube videos on men’s make-up. I don’t follow this step so I have little information and no experiences with it. Meanwhile, following the above skincare routine is going to change your skin. Definitely, read the above Korean skincare article from fashion beans. It has some significant information and you are going to learn a lot about skincare. I would make a summary of that skincare article and added into this article but that can cause a copy write content issue. Let’s continue with our article.


When it comes sun, Korean People always wear sunscreen and their normal products also include SPF’s into them which provide them extra protection from sun. Sun can actually harm your skin a lot, then you might think. However, it has many harmful effects such as, Sun rays can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, losing your skin, irritating rashes, color in balance (Vitiligo) and so many more diseases. Meanwhile, saving your skin from sun can save you from these diseases and can provide you with opposite benefits.


Everyone knows that 80% of what we eat shows on our face, and Korean people eat so much healthy food throughout their entire day which also effects on their skin. Diet plays an important role in making your skin look and become clear and healthy. Meanwhile, if you eat bad and garbage food, then it is going to show up on your face. Your skin is going to suffer and getting better skin will be nearly impossible. Korean people mostly have rice, beans, fishes, eggs and other healthy things in their diet.