Why You are Still Single in Life? 2 Critical Reasons

If you are someone who is single from a long time or ends up single most of time or you are someone who like to be single, then this article my friend is for you. In article, we going to answer, “Why you are Still Single In life.” Before starting this article, I wanted to address that if you are someone who tries find happiness in others then you are wrong. It is always in you and You need to love yourself and enjoy movements around you in order to become happy. Finding people on whom you can depend, share your depth and sharing your happiness is right not seeking happiness in them.

There is, “Why you are Still Single.”

Why You are Still Single in Life? 2 Critical Reasons

Finding Similar People.

Most of the time individuals try to find people which are similar to them, and based on logic you should find someone who like and share similarities with you. However, it is not the right approach and you can end-up with not finding someone similar to you or in reality things could be else. If someone is interest in you, you should give them a chance even if they are completely opposite to you. When you spend a little time with someone then you know what and who they are, and if they are right for you or wrong.

Things Doesn’t Matter.

Most of us in order to find the one who is made for you, look for things which actually don’t matter. It makes things more complicated and difficult for us and we end-up with nothing. Even so we have meet with people who could be a right match for us multiple times until you are not a 4 grade student who is reading this.

There are 8 things which we should look to avoid this mistakes:

  • Does the person listen to you, and genuinely interested in you.
  • Are they reliable and consistent.
  • Are they Honest and Sincere.
  • Are they attentive.
  • Are they kind or they critical.
  • Are they Generous.
  • Are they respectful.
  • Does it feels good being with them.