Why You Should Raise Your Standards? 6 Best Reasons

You have probably seen a handsome dude, who looks amazing, has a lot of money and every girl wants him as a boyfriend, including your crush. However, He didn’t care about all of this and stay busy in his life. Meanwhile, you think if I was handsome like him or even rich like him, then I would have my crush as my girlfriend for forever. There is a thing if you reach at standard he is now, you will be like him. You are also not going to care about girls or any other stuff which seems useless to you. It would be happen that you forget about your one sided love with your crush.

Most of the time, individuals like him who are handsome & rich, were like us in their past, not looking so much better, unattractive and poor. However, they didn’t choose to stay like that and work on raising their standards. I will talk about standards by giving it a specific heading. We base this entire article on how you can raise your standards so, have fun.

There are 6 things to raise your standards.

raise your standards
source: https://www.instagram.com/teachingmensfashion

Importance Of Standards.

Standards are which tells other where you stand, and people who have high standards but help people who have low standards consider as gentlemen, never forget it. If you want a girlfriend, respect or if you want that society to see you with respect and care about what you say, then you need to raise your standards. Girls always look for individuals who have high standard and it can mean in different ways. Girls want boyfriends who are handsome & wealthy because who didn’t want best for themselves.

But, not every individual is like that so, individuals who are handsome & wealthy consider as high standard. If you improve your appearance and become better at finance, then your standard can increase instantly. Our society also cares about individuals who are rich & better appealing. If you are not wealthy & better looking, then I know you have felt that too. Meanwhile, you can raise your standards, but it takes time, focus, consistency and a lot of work. Now, you know about standards and its importance and let’s start with how you raise it.

More Confidence.

People give more attention & regard to high standard individuals which make them feel more confident. Your confidence is going to improve a lot with your standard. You will feel at different level. However, Over-Confidence makes high standard individuals selfish, But If you have this much confidence and if you learn to control it. You can use that confident to improve your social life, financial life, and you can influence others. When you have more confidence, you live as you wish and not feel criticism by what other say to you. Girls and other people find individuals who have more confidence attractive and feel easy to be with them.

Open Your Mind.

When you try to raise your standards, then you need to become better and learn about many things which you haven’t thought that you will do those in the future. Meanwhile, in this situation, you get to increase your comfort zone, which is crucial for being successful. In raising your standards, you are going to learn more about human nature, you will start exploring yourself your passion, hobbies and abilities. However, this process is going to develop your mind’s imagination, understanding, and intelligence. You will become comfortable learn new things and meeting new people.

Unlock Attractiveness.

As you open your mind towards most of the thing. It becomes easier to improve your style and appearance for you. Most of the individual who think they didn’t look good realise that they can improve their appearance. These changes in mentality effect real life, and individuals take actions and at the end they improve their appearance, even not a lot but they look better than before. Meanwhile, These all things happen because of realising that they can do better and they take actions according to that.

However, when you combine little progress in confidence, appearance, finance and style, then any ugly guy can achieve at least average or little above then average, position on standards chart. The best thing is when you become better than little by little you become habitual to improving yourself every day which in a long term (such as 2-5 years) shows unexpected results. Ugly individuals become handsome & attractive, broke individuals become wealthy and dumb individuals become extremely intelligent and so on.


We have talked about what is standard and its benefits but how to raise your standards. You need to master and become in two things to raise your standards and those are Finance and Education. Understanding & learning physiology behind money and how it works and how you make more money is going to make you wealthy in real life. However, it is what going to raise your standards from outside or for people. Our society always gives respect to a wealthy person on his/her face despite they like him/her or not.


Education is important, but it’s not mean that you would study or graduate from comprehensive schools & colleges with MBA & PHD degrees. Education shows in behaviour so your behaviour should be appropriate. However, it is most crucial that you do self study. You have courage & confidence to explore & learn topics which you like by yourself by going through internet, documents, books, and libraries. You should develop your knowledge every day and actually make use of that information, instead, depending on schools & colleges to feed you information that they want. People respect individual that are knowledgeable and actually make use of that knowledge.